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Langlade County criminal court activity 04.17.2014

A few cases were concluded with jail terms and probation, a warrant authorized, and new cases filed today.

No surprise that cannabis alters brain

In a few recent news stories, there is talk about MRI studies that were done, which don't definitely say one way or another what cannabis does to specific parts of the brain, but, seem to be negative in nature.

Langlade County criminal court activity 04.16.2014

Jail sentences and probation ordered for a handful of criminals, along with a few new charges filed today.

Sex offender to be released in Langlade County

The Antigo Police Department has issued a press release to notify the public that a convicted sex offender is being released from prison and will reside in Langlade County.

Langlade County recent criminal court activity 04.15.2014

A few bonds were given, some warrants authorized and new charges filed.

Langlade County criminal court activity 04.11.2014

Another bath salts case was resolved, a prison sentence ordered for OWI, warrants issued and new cases filed.

Former Antigo woman receives sentence for bath salts

A former Antigo woman with multiple cases involving bath salts was sentenced in a few cases today in Langlade County court.

One year jail time for sex offense by Antigo man

An Antigo man was sentenced in Langlade County court today to serve one year in jail for a sex crime.

Antigo's "Hot Cop" receives prison sentence

According to court records, Michael Brayton was sentenced today for his inappropriate actions with minor females.


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