Former Antigo man jailed on $10,000 cash bond

A former Antigo man is in Shawano County jail on a $10,000 cash bond for multiple criminal charges.

Darwin R. Davis of Shawano (formerly of Antigo), 46, was charged today with possession of marijuana as a second or more offense, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of narcotic drugs and felony bail jumping. The incident occurred on Wednesday.

He currently has another open case in Shawano County, filed in December of 2012. In that case he is charged with repeated sexual assault of same child (at least 3 violations of first or second degree sexual assault, possession of marijuana as second or more offense, possession of drug paraphernalia and second degree sexual assault of a child. He was free on a $2500 cash bond on that case when the current incident occurred.

His initial appearance is set for March 3.

Update: Davis released from Shawano jail

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Awwww that's just to bad!!!!!

This makes me sad, Darwin is a distant neightbor. He seemed to really have been turning his life around, proud home owner and raising his children after his wife ran off. Running a bar in Shawano and he did have a good business from what i am told. Its terrible that old habits are that hard to break. I wonder what will become of him and now his poor children.

Your kidding me right??? he ran a strip joint that got shut down because of the strippers selling themselves and selling drugs. And, his wife came back. HE DID NOT HAVE HIS CHILDREN WHEN HIS WIFE LEFT HIM SHE DID. When she left he was f--king Ashley Knight. Owning a strip club is not turning your life around, it is a low-life occupation. And, his poor children are better off without a child molester. WOW U SHOULD BE CHECKED OUT.


See eventually ppl get wat they deserve

Hahaha as people said KARMA.... What goes around comes around!LET HIM ROT IN PRISON.

For all of you people that dont know darwin hold your comments he is a hard working family man he has worked hard to raise three kids sure he has made some mistakes but who hasn't you would never know the stress he has been under but I understand if he rots in prison what would happen to his kids being raised by one parent you people have no idea what his kids fell about this noone understands like me

Im sorry but his mistakes arent common mistakes like a speeding ticket. he is a CHILD MOLESTER and numerous times over the years. HE should have thought about his actions and his childrens livelyhood before being a f-ing pervert!! Ive made mistakes but ive NEVER MOLESTED CHILDREN!! and the stress HE is under?? REALLY? What about what hes put his victims through? now he is the victim in your eyes? i hope and pray this man rots in a deep dark hole until which time he enters hell and proceeds to rot there. i have zero sympathy or empathy towards a man who can repeatedly molest child after child after child. nor so i have it for you sick indivduals who seen nothing wrong with it. or see it as "some mistakes" disgusting

I don't know who you are, but you obviously never spent any time with Darwin. He worked really hard not doing any actual work...he talked other people into doing it for him. Darwin is strictly opposed to doing any actual manual labor himself. As for the stress? There is no stress that excuses inappropriate sexual contact with a girl that was only 2 years older than his own daughter. [That WAS however one of the excuses he gave for his abhorrent behavior, so I have to wonder if you haven't just spent time with him in jail...Tyler, is this you again?] YOU have no idea how his kids feel about that. I wouldn't worry about the kids, though. They are in a much better place, safe and far from any more damage he may cause.

Hahaha... Karma. ... Thank god. Keep him behind bars!!! He couldn't learn the first time. Note the second time. So now it's his 3rd time. He won't learn. Just keep that man locked up!!! I don't want that near my children!!

Both him and Tamie Yarie would be good cellies! Neither should be allowed around children again! If he was more like Yarie he'd be advocating his "LOVE" towards children like she does with marijuana but while also doing more hardcore drugs! Loser dirt bags. Both criminals but the children suffer.

Let him rot.

bought time they got this pedophile off the street!

He is very respectful towards me and my dad and brother's. And sister soo mind ur own buisness

Hes a good Freind I know him berry well hes a good guy them sexual assault charges r bullshyt there not his fault and the weed thing who doesn't smoke!!!! so tuck off people

All I know once a child molestor alway a child molestor. And he should of been locked away the first time he did it.... And do you think he would really tell a good friend hey just to let you know I molest kids!!! Ummm I dont think so!!! And just so you know not everyone smokes pot!!! Not everyone needs to do drugs!!!! Maybe you should wake up and find new friends before you end up like your friend!!!!!!!

Y don't ppl use their names...I guarantee none of u have a perfect record...

99% of humans never raped kids Tara (no last name) lmao! Hope he gets ten fold in prison what he did out in free mans world ! He's lucky some dads didn't take care of him back in some woods. Shame on you for defending a child molester when you have kids yourself.

ok for arguments sake lets say he is innocent. that was really hard to type with a straight face. the man was found guilty of these charges in the past. why would a convicted felon allow himself to even be remotely associated with a child under the age of 18. and further more being a convicted felon why would you have possession of a fire arm, that right there shows a lot in itself about the person. I have worked for Darwin in the past not knowing what type of person her was. and while working for him I seen first hand how he hired and reasons he would fire women at the bar in antigo. he Is a pervert from the word go. and no this is not something I am assuming this Is something I witnessed with my own eyes and anyone who defends this scum bag needs to be sitting in prison right next to him. he has shown more than once he is a threat to society.

I ALSO KNOW this guy...and in MY Opinion...GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY! How Many Children must suffet by his hands before Someone will PROTECT OUR CHILDREN?!?!

Ok for one I have seen the paper work on the sex charge have red them woth him an talked to his attorney the sex charges over there where made up to cover a family incest thing with the girls family no DNA was present to link mr Davis to the teen that called rape and with his law suit he has filed against shawno county for slander and those involved are also stated in the law suit and as far as drugs y'all have no right to judge cause most of u are into the same thing or worse so before u speak know the facts

Why stick up for somebody with a track record of sex crimes. People like you make me want to puke. Attorney at law, read what you wrote, you cant even spell I doubt you even have a GED. No DNA, Mr. Davis is a hardcore criminal with enough brains to probably wear a rubber. Wow I can't believe I just said that. Mr. Davis is always in the news for crimes similar to this one. An innocent man wouldn't be in the papers constantly for sex crimes if he wasn't a pedophile.

bullsh-t. You type like an idiot, show no sense of client/lawyer confidentiality and if YOU really are a lawyer, you need to be brought before the bar.

Where is heather?

EXACTLY! I'm disgusted with the lack of investigation.. I don't know if Darwin was involved but for Christs sakes.. Don't just sweep it under the rug as it seem has been done. I suspected the husband. Both him and Darwin are creepy

I have no personal connection to this story except that i follow buzz. i am not into any drugs or anything you are claiming everyone else is doing. But wanted to state that if you are an attorney you cannot be stating facts or situation relevant to his case. if you aren't his attorney then you also shouldn't be stating certain items. I would love to be able to make several comments about an open case i know of but guilty or innocent i know it would influence any opportunity for a fair trial. if he is innocent again i don't know him so i don't know slandering the family involved is going to possibly affect the fairness same as people slandering himwish word of mouth was the solution to resolving these situation If he is suing shawano county then it needo sta between him and them. i

To the dumb-ss that posted and an "attorney at law".....are you stupid?? Proof read your posts "Mr. Law man".
Slander is the spoken or transitory form of defamation of character, a legal term that refers to a falsehood presented as true which could harm the reputation of a person or entity. Slander also encompasses body gestures as in the case of sign language. If defamation of character is placed in a fixed form, as in the case of a sign, published paper, film or recording, it is considered libel. In short, slander is temporarily uttered or gesticulated, libel is published or otherwise fixed.
Which means your screwed you murdering pedo..... its only a matter of time.

He's been released, people. Bond was lowered to $3,000 and he paid it. He's out.

Hope he rots in prison and gets back ten fold what he gave out ! He's lucky some dads didn't just take care of him back in the woods ! Hoping for a long painful death for this creep !

He drugged everyone when he ran pedifile junction

To all Mayville's victims he is a hanious sick monster who should never be allowed back into general population again. My heart goes out to all his victims especially the children. He is the reason we need the death penalty.

I am Michael Mayville's mother. My husband and I agree with your comment. When he was 5, he was sexually molested by my brother. He went on to molest other children,including his two young sisters. We contacted the Everett Police Department, and CPS.They obtained a confession without a lawyer.Their solution to the problem was to remove our daughters from the home, instead of him.We felt like the state punished us for what he had done.He has an extensive juvenile record from age 7.We had him in counseling, but he kept running away. Our family went through hell with him.He was finally placed in a boy's home, in the San Juan Islands. They said it was escape proof, but he managed to escape.The state placed him back into our home at age 17, but my husband made him leave, because he brought illegal drugs into our house.He was also wanted by Washington State, but Wisconsin did not want him to be extradated. He had previously served prison time for raping his teen daughter's mom.This same daughter is one of his victims. I am concerned that his two youngest daughters have also been sexually assaulted by him.He should never been allowed to get out of prison.I am sorry for what he has done to all his victims.He will probably spend the rest of his natural life in prison, where he should be.

For all intrested parties Michael Gene Mayville is set for 3 Marathon County jury trials next March.Hope the public attends in support of the brave victims.

I hope all Michael Gene Mayville's victims now know they are survivors of a demon. Brave angels really. He will get his days in court and hell is waiting for him. Stay strong angels because God and justice have your backs.

Unless you have been a victim or a parent of a child who was a victim. Keep your negative comments about cruel punishment to yourself. You clearly don't see anything wrong with people who do this to children. I am a parent of a child who was a victim and our wonderful ANTIGO D.A. let the SOB go free and clear. My child is forever scared and it has effected her for the rest of her life. So don't sit there and say that stiffer punishments are uncalled for. However, castration is statistically proven to be ineffective. It is in the brain of cruel nature to torture someone not genetics or hormones. Please do your research on it prior to making assumptions.
Until you are there with a child who wakes up every night in fear because of nightmares due to what has happened to them, do not try to understand what you have not experienced. Personally Wisconsin needs to bring back the death penalty. People like that do not change or recover. It isn't an illness that can be recovered from.
I am astonished and appalled that anyone would ever defend a child molester

I agree. People dont understand.I to Am a Mother of a Child that was Sexually assulted.There is NO "reform" for these Sick Animals...I have NO REMORSE for them...and prison is too GOOD FOR THEM!

Oh Yah... He's a real pillar of society. He'll most likely be doing his own stripper dance on the pole in prison... if there is any justice.

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