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Plummeting temperatures on tap for south-central Wisconsin

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 7:30am
South-central Wisconsin can expect falling temperatures in the next few days, but snow to go along with the cold likely will not happen until late next week, according to forecasters.

"When what to my wondering eyes should appear ..." -- Karen Turner wins this week's You Toon caption contest

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 6:00am
Karen Turner of Verona is this week’s You Toon winner. Congrats, Karen! Her caption about beer and cheese for Santa beat out more than 130 entries. Turner wins publication of her line with tod…

Cheesy demands from Europe and record dairy profits topped 2014 ag headlines

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 6:00am
European Union's demand that U.S. cheese producers change the names of some of their products among the top stories in 2014.

State cranberry industry in survival mode

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 6:00am
The Wisconsin cranberry industry is in better position than other states to survive and improve its dominance in the market.

Dean Karlan: How to know whether a charity is worth your dollars

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 6:00am
When my sister and I were children and flew to summer camp together, our mother always asked us to call her once we arrived to let her know we landed safely.

Chris Rickert: Two UW bigwigs, two very different paths to UW

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 6:00am
Paul Chryst’s hiring might as well have been in a private, family-run company, or a dictatorship.

Sen. Ron Johnson prepares for new homeland security post, eyes 2016 reelection bid

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 6:00am
The Wisconsin Republican is set to take over as head of a key committee as he prepares for a tough reelection fight.

More leaders want to be smart on crime

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 5:59am
U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, is talking about “unreasonably long sentences” that “may actually make people more likely to return to crime.”

Ron Weber: Don't believe either extreme in wolf debate

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 5:55am
WEYERHAEUSER — The recent decision by a federal judge to put the wolf back under the protection of the Endangered Species Act is a step backward for further recovery and management of the animal.

GOP renews push to limit 'junk food' purchases with food stamps

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 5:55am
A proposal to limit the amount of unhealthy food that Food Share recipients buy with government assistance failed to get a vote in the state Senate last year.

Technique for turning manure into drinkable water could help lakes

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 5:50am
Dane County is evaluating dairy manure treatments that filter out solids and lake-fouling nutrients, leaving only clear water.

Jay Ambrose: Barack Obama and Paul Ryan should team to save the poor

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 5:45am
This holiday season, let’s suppose what might strike some as a miracle -- that our Democratic president and a Republican Congress will soon join forces to do something wondrously humane. Let’s…

Steve Chapman: Frightened rulers did scary things

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 5:45am
We all have tasks we try to get done before the end of the year, and Kim Jong Un's is amping up the crazy.

Our lives are stressful, but small changes can make a profound difference, experts say

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 5:45am
While survey respondents routinely report levels of stress above what they consider healthy, we're not doing very good as a society managing it.

Swear on instead of off this New Year's Day -- State Journal editorial from a century ago

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 5:30am
This Wisconsin State Journal editorial appeared on Dec. 31, 1914:

On View | Can You Feel It?

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 5:15am
A multi-sensory experience is on display at the VSA Wisconsin Gallery with an exhibition titled “Can You Feel It?” The show features work by artists with visual impairments. Visitors are invit…

Travel: Calendar

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 5:00am
Coming in Wisconsin this week:

Shelley Peterman Schwarz: Holidays are time to remember what matters

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 5:00am
The holidays are always a time for me to pause and reflect not only on the days gone by, but also on the meaning of life — my life.

Patrick Durkin: Wolf ruling disregards reality on the ground

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 4:05am
In effect, U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell in Washington, D.C., declared that although gray wolves aren’t biologically endangered in the Western Great Lakes, they remain legally endangered. I…

Tom Oates: Barry's back on the sidelines and the players couldn't be more excited

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 4:00am
'When coach Andersen left, we (seniors) all looked at each other and said, ‘There’s no way we’d rather go out than having coach Alvarez coach us one last time...,' Sam Arneson said.