Immigration - Stop the Hate

I was relieved to hear about President Obama creating some positive-ness for hispanics recently. I am sure it was a campaign strategy, but, even so, it made me think that some people do actually have some compassion for those who come to America for a better life. For many years, you didn't hear too much about illegal immigration and my guess is because the country had enough good paying jobs that we weren't affected by a few hispanics who would work for next to nothing. We felt that it was ok to let them do the jobs that we didn't want. Now that America has such a shortage of good jobs, it was like, ok we have to stop the mexicans from coming in because we need all the jobs that are available. This whole thing is just not right in my opinion. How many of us United States citizens have relatives that came here from other countries? A HUGE majority! In reality, the only people who are not immigrants are the Native Americans (Indians, as some call them) and look what we did to them!? Which seems to be another sore spot for some people. I have heard complaints about how we need to stop paying the Native Americans, they have gotten enough money from us, and so on, but, if circumstances were reversed, you can bet we will still have our hands out! There is no reason that we can not find some way to make immigration better for all of us. I do not think that border patrols are the answer. Maybe if we legalize cannibas it would be less of a problem too? Isn't some of the reason that the Mexicans come here because of all the violence and poverty in their country? If you take the U.S. out of the equation in the cannibas market of the Mexican drug cartels, it may really change things in that country which in turn could help lower the numbers of people fleeing into ours. I just think that our government needs to look at these things differently, and a solution will come, for all of us to live together without such hate!


A new perspective is a good idea. I don't see it happening though, I mean the people who make these decisions are not open-minded, they are bullheaded and ignorant. They have hidden agendas...

There are way too many people who are against immigration of Hispanics from Mexico, that is going to take a long to time to do much of any changes. I think all the republicans want the borders locked...

We need to find ways to work with each other, instead of outing certain people, it just ins't right at all. The Hispanics are people too and they only want to make life better for themselves and their families, just like our great-grandparents did when they came to America.

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