George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin media frenzy

I have been somewhat keeping up on the George Zimmerman court
activity, and I have watched a few "court" shows where they analyze
and comment on court happenings. I remember seeing a show
where the hosts where talking about the injuries that George
Zimmerman had claimed to have and the video of Zimmerman
walking into the police station, but the injuries were not visible.
Now, if the hosts had just plain out said that they could not tell if
Zimmerman's head was injured, that would have been completely
reasonable. Instead, they had to add drama by saying there were
no injuries on his head, insinuating that Zimmerman had been
untruthful about being pummeled by Trayvon Martin.

It seemed as though from the get-go, Trayvon Martin's family was
very media-friendly about the death of their son and they were
quick to blame George Zimmerman. There are some very good
points that have been brought up about the actions of Zimmerman
before the shooting. According to the media, Zimmerman was
talking on the phone to the 911 dispatcher, and that dispatcher
told Zimmerman that he should not follow Trayvon Martin, but he
disregarded it. Had he listened to the dispatcher, Trayvon Martin
may be alive today. We can not say that for certain, but, it is a
possibility. I can understand Trayvon Martin's family going to the
media and voicing their issues. They lost their son and I can not
imagine how hard that would be.

On the other hand, I don't doubt that George Zimmerman thought
he was doing the right thing. I do not think that he intended for the
shooting to occur. In some of the photos and video that was shown
on TV more recently, there is now evidence showing that George
Zimmerman did have a broken nose and also gashes on the back
of his head. So, maybe when all the evidence is shown, we can
make an educated opinion of what really happened and the actual
intentions of George Zimmerman. Until then I think the media
should back off and stop trying to convict Mr. Zimmerman with
all their dramatics and speculation.


I think Zimmerman is a shyster, just the other day I saw some news that he lied about the money that he made from his website during his Bail hearing or whatever. So, the judge had set his bail low at like $15k, and then everyone found out later that he had gotten over $100k from his website. The last I saw on it, the Judge was revoking his bond and he was required to go to jail. He should have just said that he had all that money from his website. His wife had lied about it too - I wonder if she will get some kind of contempt of court for it, she probably should.
I know what you are saying and I somewhat agree with you. Yes, they shouldn't have lied about having that money, but, I don't know if I blame them really? What if it were you, and you knew that if you said you had over 100 grand, the Judge would make bond a lot higher. Would you have enough to even pay for your legal defense? Probably not, because it would all be put toward bond. I'm sure that Zimmerman regrets it now though.
I'm on the fence on this one. I certainly don't think that this was a racial-type thing. I saw part of the video on the news today where Zimmerman was interviewed by police, but, I haven't seen the whole thing.
What about bail? The last I heard was they revoked his bond or whatever and he had to go to jail, then it was 1 million dollars that he had to post. But i didn't hear if he came up with that and got out again or not?
So I saw on the Tv something about Zimmerman was molesting his cousin and she called him a racist. Seems like that info was not related really to the case, but, it was brought up so maybe there is something to it?
I don't trust or believe this guy at all - he is a liar! He lied about the money he had and his wife did too, they need to get in trouble for that. He probably was profiling the kid that he killed and that is not right. He isn't a cop and he shouldn't be acting like one either
Why is a neighborhood watch block caipatn carrying a gun anyway,shouldn't he have a flashlight or pepper spray,instead of this whole konny bulls--t people need to be talking about this,im so pissed off at these black celebrity's that are not tweeting or going out to the public and talking about this incident,we got alot of scared black negroes in the entertainment business they are puppets,they would talk about this konny bulls--t who's been dead for years,but can't talk about this issue? that's why other nationality feel like they can do things like this and get away,because we let them,other nationality's wouldn't let this slide with there own,so why should we? were so busy wanting to be accepted by other nationality's,that we don't help out each other,that sh!t needs to stop,cause it getting old,other races don't give a f--k about us,so we need to start caring and helping out each other,cause at the end of the day,we all we got,and if we all get on the same mindset,we could move mountains,but we got to get off that slave mentality. {edited}

they could not not see what was going on or said they saw 2 men wrestling THATS IT,,THESE NEIGHBORS DID THEIR JOB AND CALLED THE COPS.they have no kweolndge of why they were shot or who was calling for help.for the record the shooter is latino not white,some of the 911 callers mistaken the shooter for being black,the 911 callers automatically assumed the shooter was the bad guy and NOT someone defending themselves4. the shooter had a broken nose and was bleeding from a head wound caused by this teenager who was shot.SUPPORTING HIS CLAIMS HE WAS ATTACKED.but you people are so quick to jump on a bandwagon because someone told you it was wrong. NONE of you are looking at the evidence you are a ALLLLL going on emotion or political views to push a call to arms against a man who evidence points to defending himself not a cold blooded killer..

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