Fraud prevention should be on the top of the list

Has anyone ever acknowledged all the fraud that goes on with the government? There are so many aspects to it that a person could probably write a book about it. I have seen it, over and over, and it is downright sickening. One thing that has always bothered me tremendously is when there are bids for jobs, like say, some type of construction work, the bids that are submitted are probably 5 times what they would be for a non-government job. Why do we let this continue? Who do you think "gets stuck with it" in the end - YOU, the taxpayer! Another one that is sickening beyond belief is the amount of people who are receiving Social Security Disability and/or Social Security Income. Has anyone looked at the numbers recently? There can't be that big of a difference between the numbers of disabled people now versus, say, 15 years ago. Why the higher numbers, because everyone and their brother seem to think they shouldn't have to work, and the government should pay them. And, again, who do you think "gets stuck with it" in the end - YOU, the taxpayer! The entire Health Care industry is so FULL of fraud that the whole thing should be SHUT DOWN and completely REVAMPED! How long are we going to let all this continue!? Now, when you go to the Emergency Room, and possibly even just a Doctor visit, you DON'T EVEN SEE THE BILL - they send you a statement, which gives you the total amount that they expect you to pay. Since when are we THAT stupid that we just pay the bill without seeing what services they are charging us for!? It is crazy and as much money as they make off of us, you would certainly think that saving paper wouldn't be necessary!!! They are already robbing everyone blind, including the government, with all the ridiculous charges, so it's just adding insult to injury, I suppose. Maybe they should put their focus toward saving the US Postal Service, who so desperately need us to keep mailing things. Which brings me to yet another OVERPRICED government job, the typical mailman makes what, like $30 per hour or something along those lines, and yet we have the people who deliver newspapers, who are pretty much doing the same thing, and they are lucky to make minimum wage! Who came up with this crap, REALLY!? I think it has all gotten so far out of hand and now it seems to be commonplace. Are we ever going even things out?


That's probably why income tax started out ONLY for government jobs.
I have read about the fraud recently with prison inmates getting huge amounts of money in tax refunds, and more recently about prison inmates getting food share/stamps benefits illegally while they were incarcerated. More fraud to add to the list...
It really is getting bad, but, it's just like anything else really. some people will benefit, others will lose. The losers will try to find ways to even things out, even if means fraud. Republicans vs. Democrats, Rich vs. Poor, etc.

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