Antigo Landlords

The best and the worst Landlords in Antigo

Earl Smith the worst
His places are crap and not up to code

Kyle stern I just want to warn you because I will truly feel sorry for you if you ever have to deal with him. Trust me I went through he'll dealing with his un professionalism.

I have heard the same thing from several people. They all say the guy is a real jerk.

This kind of thing works both ways, there should be a black list for renters as well.

Agreed that it goes both ways. I have a family member who ended up with a renter who didn't pay rent for months and when they finally did leave the house interior was ruined.

Nothing wrong with Earl Smiths properties!! This person is pissed off because they don't pay their bills and got kicked out.

not true
all he care about the cash
renters tell him about about repairs need to be done , he response to complain how he not making any Money
no I payed my rent and bills
he also jacks up the rent when gets a Section 8

Ok 1 thing every renter/landlord should/needs to know by law and this is Hud law " When u have section 8 u both have a lease thru ur section 8 on that amount of rent that they will pay on ur behalf to ur landlord so NO ONE LANDLORD LEGALLY CAN RAISE IT AND THEY WONT GET IT AND U DO NOT HAVE 2 PAY IT TO HIM/HER UNDER THE TABLE EITHER AND MANY SECTION 8 HELP WILL DROP U IF THEY FIND OUT.. And F.Y.I TO LEGALLY KICK U OUT U HAVE 2 BE SERVED BY A SHERIFF FIRST AND GO TO COURT BEFORE U EVEN HAVE TO MOVE... AND Yes i went thru all this this past yr.. this is how i know

Earl Smiths properties are great. The only time the places are as you so call them "crap" is when a renter gets pissed and trashes the place. He doesn't "jack the rent" for section 8, and he fixes anything that needs fixing. People need to grow up take responsibility and pay their bills. If you can't do that you don't belong renting and should just live at home with your parents. I agree there should be bad renters lists to save landlords the hassle of renting to people who don't pay or trash property.

I think some of these deadbeats may have burned bridges with their parents too.We live in a society of people who feel they are entitled to everything for nothing and have no sense of responsibility when it comes to taking care of property their or others.They get half their electric and heat paid through WHEAP, Sec 8 to pay rent, Food stamps and Badger care etc then complain when they have to kick in some of their own money .I realize there are many working poor who benefit from these programs those are usually not the ones trashing other people's houses and leaving them in shambles. Many of these seem to have $$$$ for cigarettes beer and make even a little pot.Just check the garbage they leave behind you will see the evidence.

Its the blight of antigo. And im not talking about potato blight.

no offense to anyone, but, I think these posts would be much more credible if people actually wrote about specific examples of what the landlord did or didn't do, etc. Was the toilet broke and it didn't get fixed or maybe something less important, but specific.

I lived in one of his properties back in my early 20's. He seemed really nice and attentive. He came by the 1st of every month to collect my rent and he allowed me a cat.

However, my neighbor was a horrible drunk who frequently attempted to break in to my side of the house-regardless of whether I was home or not. The smell of pot made its way under my door on a near daily basis. He'd get my mail by mistake and never hand it over. He'd constantly allow his drug buddies and 'friends' to block me in and I'd have to drive across the lawn to get out-or call a co-worker to pick me up for work. Parties were had nearly every weekend and he played the same song over and over again on repeat.

I brought up my concerns, but Earl shrugged me off and then got pissed when I started moving out because I could no longer tolerate my neighbor's crude behavior and even had to call the police to stay by while I moved my belongs out-because my neighbor made threats against my life, which he denied to police.

I understand that the behavior of my neighbor was not Earl's fault, however, my lease agreement stated that I had the right to feel safe and secure in my home. I did not. I was scared, constantly triple checking my locks and on edge the entire time I lived in my apartment.

I hope, he's gotten to be a better judge of character in the time since-but I certainly felt he did a poor job of dealing with my drunken neighbor.

what do you want him to do, beat up your neighbor? Handle it like you would if it was your house, you live there. You want him to go ahead and take things into his own hands based off of what you tell him. Deal with it

Is is the responsibility of the landlord to deal with problem tenents that bother other rule/law abbiding tenents, not the tenents. The tenents can and should call the police when necessary but then the landlord needs to follow up and issue warnings and evict if the problem tenent does not comply. This is usally stated in a standard lease agreement but even if it isn't it still applies. Theses slumlords need to DO THEIR JOBS and not just be money collectors !!

If I had a neighbor ever threaten me or my family they would be on the ground trying to figure out how they got there. If you voiced your concerns to your landlord then he should have had a talk with the neighbor. If it persisted after the talk the landlord should have taken action. However people you have to stand up for yourself in this life. It's a cold world. Most people don't care about themselves much less someone else. What was your horrible neighbors name? Might as well shame them a little on here. Sounds like a real jerk.

Fact is, in order to be a successful profiteering landlord, actually caring about the people or real estate is something that will cause you to fail. You must value only the rent not the people or real estate.

yeah that's def not true. If you aren't good to your renters, then no one will rent from you, so no business. DUH

My opinion and my life that I have been thru I have to kinda disagree on this there is a middle balance i myself have seen it and had the Privilege of such landlords such as Kevin Kautzka if i spelled his last name right... See 6 yrs bk my family was totally homeless and 1 child kyle closed a home the same day he closed he Gave us the keys with NO $ UP FRONT And yes we were waiting on a ck.. etc.. and then came less then our first yr. here and my husband almost dies Kevin and his Wife let us stay in the house intill our tax refund came yes he checked in with us yes im sure he thought he wouldn't get paid But guess what Feb. first friday i called Kevin to the house handed him 2500 in cash and some extra for 2 more months... If Kevin and his wife had not done this I would have lost our son had literally NOBODY NO FRIENDS FAMILY ETC.. TO STAY WITH so i believe with honest communication between the 2 parties a landlord can actually Change and save a family more then they realize but now WE NEED TENANTS TO ALSO TRY TO PAY THAT RENT BE HONEST AND GRATEFUL ALSO IT WORKS BOTH WAYS. To this day Kevin and his Wife our the gurdain angels we needed...

Renters seem to think landlords buy houses to rent out just to provide a free place to stay.

Actually no i am not my name is Rachel perky my husband is Jamie perky our son is sebastian. And yes that is my life story kg and the address was 141 Mary St. Just because u don't care for something posstivr does not mean its fake don't believe ne then drive to caseanu my husband works in the Bk on the loaders. Yes Kevin and his wife saved my family!

Earl Smith is a great benevolent and patient man. I was 3 days late with my rent and he said, thats okay son and didn't even charge me a late fee. He also gave me a ham for chirstmas one year.

Once in a drunken stooper, I punched a hole in the wall.... Earl came by the next day and patched it up!

Hes a good man!!

Good landlords are hard to come by, as are good renters. There are some real slugs renting what were once nice properties. You can see it when you drive through town. Just look at some of the sh-tholes on the north end just south of the fairgrounds that were pretty nice places just a few years ago.

What's a good renter to do when the landlord doesn't make repairs after a month?? So tired of waiting!

I rent from Bear Lake Rentals LLC. The only issues ive ever had were issues the landlord was unaware of that the last tenants either caused or failed to report. ie: toilet leaking, sink and shower issues and a AWFUL smell of dog p-ss and s--t that she thought would be taken care of when she hired professional cleaners to come do the carpets. I agree that its not always about great landlords people need to learn to be great tenants as well. The previous tenants here caused so much damage it HAD to have been over the security deposit amount but wouldn't be worth going to court and getting lawyers for.
And please remember, if people cant use their real name on here their stories are 90% bulls--t or theyd post it with their real name!

Ryan beaber was a good landlord til he let his hoe bag gf nicki take over then it was pay rent pay rent pay rent and when it came time too do any repairs she already had the money from rent for the year (750/mo) and was in Vegas for example we went almost 3 months in the winter without heat cause our furnace went out and she refused too have it fixed needless too say we didn't live there much longer

Probably the worst landlord. Takes him forever to come and repair anything.

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