Honorable ?? Judge Kawalski,, Crooked ?? DA

If you have someone that the Judge and DA sentence to prison while they LET OFF other criminals that squeal for them or come from a family with money,, Listen to this.
* In Court they will Blatantly LIE to everyone in Court about how the person they are sending to prison will get all this help medical/prescription help and counseling help along with job training.... Well they LIE,, just to make themselves look so great... Well they do not look great to many people,, they actually look and smell like CRAP.
We all know,, if you do a crime and get sentenced,, it is nobody's fault but your own. But everyone that comes through their court should be treated the same,,but in Langlade county it does not work that way. And whatever the Judge and DA say about all this great treatment and help is a LIE. These people " Men and Women" are thrown in a place to serve their time WITHOUT medical treatment for their issues, no job training, counseling and ect. and then are thrown back out in to the street with normally no place to go and no future. So for the Judge and DA to boast about all this help that the criminal will receive is a LIE and big load of CRAP. And money, snitching and favoritism plays a BIG part in the Langlade county CLOWN HOUSE

I believe what is said is they are given opportunities to change their lives after they are sent to prison. Most of them don't and that is their own fault. Why are trying to blame someone else because some piece of sh-t can't get his shit together. The justice system holds your hand the whole way and "babies" these scumbags and give them every opportunity to succeed, while our tax payer dollars are being invested in this bullsh-t. Don't blame the system! Blame the worhtless scumbags that drain society on a daily basis. Not the people that have REAL jobs

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