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Train whistle sparks a historic picnic

A train whistle echoed through Antigo Wednesday, signaling a return to a bygone era on the grounds of the Langlade County Historical Society museum.

The whistle signaled the opening of the Society’s annual railroad picnic, a summertime tradition that drew about 200 diners to the museum for bratwurst, hamburgers, ice cream scooped by members of the Tree Toppers 4-H Club and, most importantly to some, cookies purchased through Antigo Bakery.

Music was provided by the B&C Band, who set up in front of the 440 steam locomotive and clock and played well into the very pleasant evening.

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Some Antigo residents offer warnings on the city's siren issue

Several Antigo residents sounded a warning about the silenced storm sirens Wednesday, but the future of the antiquated but long-standing warning system remains cloudy.

The city’s Finance, Personnel & Legislative Committee drew a small crowd concerned about the decommissioning of the sirens, earning the mixed review from aldermen who are pointing toward newer technology as a way to inform residents to weather dangers.

Council members voted to discontinue the sirens late last year, reasoning that modern technology such as weather alerts available on cellular telephones and through various broadcast media made the often-troublesome equipment obsolete.

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Garden tour set on Saturday

This year’s Antigo Garden Club tour—which has grown into one of the area’s most popular summertime events—promises to be among the more unusual.

Five one-of-a-kind gardens, all located within an easy drive south and west of Antigo, will be featured on this years tour, including the Molly and Eric Gunderson home along Highway 52 in Aniwa that regularly draws attention for its wild and whimsical sculptures.

The tour will take place on Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. Tickets, which also include the location map to the gardens, are $5 per person and can be purchased at the Antigo/Langlade County Chamber of Commerce, Lakeside Market and Northern Roots. Tickets will also be available at each of the garden locations.

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Big industrial tank rolls slowly through Antigo later on Tuesday

Wisconsin Public Service made a point this week to offer publicity about the movement of a big industrial tank on Highway 45, and it drew plenty of interest in Antigo.

And the utility firm was absolutely right: It was a huge tank.

A little behind schedule, the shipment rolled slowly through Antigo with what are called “pilot cars” to make sure the utility lines were high enough, and a cadre of power, cable and telephone trucks to move them when they were not.

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Wausau Appeals City Law Banning Swearing

It's no longer against the law to swear in public in Wausau. The City Council voted 9-to-1 last night to repeal an anti-swearing ordinance adopted in 1972. W-A-O-W T-V said it came to the council's attention after somebody got a 50-dollar ticket for using obscene language -- and assistant city attorney Tara Alfonso caught wind of that. She said the ordinance was not enforced very often.

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Wisconsin Crops Looking Healthy For This Time Of Year

Most of Wisconsin's major farm crops remain in good shape. New federal figures show that 81-percent of the state's corn is in good-to-excellent condition. Eighty-two percent of soybeans are good-to-excellent, and 29-percent of the beans are blooming -- nine points higher than the average for the past five years. The reports reflect conditions through last Sunday, and they don't include the high winds and storms from Monday which reportedly damaged a number of crops in the southwest part of the state.

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Antigo Woman Involved In Accident That Kills Lincoln Co. Highway Worker

On Tuesday afternoon, shortly after 2:30 PM, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene of a car crash in which a person had been struck. The Merrill Fire and Ambulance department also responded.

Initial investigates an 84 year old Antigo woman was driving southbound on State Highway 17, while the victim, a Lincoln County Highway Department worker, was flagging traffic in that lane and was holding a stop sign up. The woman's vehicle struck the man, and she entered a ditch, rolling several times before coming to rest in a creek. Merrill Fire was forced to use the jaws of life to help the woman get out.

Both were transported to Good Samaritan Hospital where the man died, and the woman was being treated for injuries.

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As more counties add canines, fund events grow

(Note: A bid to raise funds for the Antigo Police Department’s K-9 unit will include a visit to Culver’s on Thursday by Forest County police dog Buster and his handler, Deputy Bill Hujet. The Crandon-based team will be on hand between 3 to 7 p.m. for the fund-raising event which will feature police officers serving meals between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m. Forest County is having its own K-9 fund-raising event in a golf outing later this month.)

Proceeds raised at a golf outing later this month will go to the dogs — or at least one of them.

The program which provides training and care for Buster, the law enforcement pooch who serves with the Forest County Sheriff’s Department, is the focus of the agency’s third annual K-9 fund-raiser at the Nicolet Golf Course on Highway 8 near Laona on July 26.

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Splash-N-Dash draws crowd for a day of swimming, running

The Splash-N-Dash event at Jack Lake Saturday drew and excellent crowd and was blessed with one of the summer’s nicest days.

“It was a fantastic day for a race,” one of the supporters of the program, Michelle Koss explained.

As the racers and their families and friends gathered for the mandatory pre-competition meeting, time was taken to honor of Jim Spychalla, an avid silent sport advocate in the Langlade County community. He was a man who usually never missed a day hiking, skiing or swimming at Jack Lake, a facility he truly enjoyed. He watched the event with his son James.

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Ice Age Trail gets Antigo area land

Thirty-nine plus acres in the town of Antigo in Langlade County will one day include a section of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, a 1,200-mile hiking path that traces the geology left by the most recent glacier, thanks to the partnership of private landowners, the Ice Age Trail Alliance, the National Park Service and the state of Wisconsin.

Family trustees of the Louise Selenske estate sold the property to the Ice Age Trail Alliance, based out of Cross Plains in December. The property sets atop one of two scenic terminal moraines in Langlade County overlooking a large glacial outwash plain known locally as the Antigo Flats. Someday the parcel will provide highway access and help link the Ice Age Trail, one of 11 National Scenic Trails, through central Wisconsin.

"This property serves as an anchor point for the Trail in southern Langlade County," Kevin Thusius, director of Land Conservation for the Ice Age Trail Alliance, said.

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Monday's Music In The Park To Be Held At Fairgrounds

The chance of rain has forced Monday evening's Music in the Park indoors at the Livestock Pavillion on the Langlade County Fairgrounds. Tonight's entertainment will be the Community Band, and the meal sponsored by the Langlade County Humane Society will feature Hot tuna casserole meal or Mac-cheese meal, fresh spun cotton candy for only $2, pies, culver's custard
and refreshments.

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Weekend Area Law Enforcement

On Friday afternoon, a man came to the Langlade County Safety Building, expressing anger over workers for an Antigo restaurant accusing him and his mother of stealing a deposit worth over 800 dollars. A previous case that week of a $300 deposit missing was also alleged to be the man's mother, but there was no proof. The man admitted to officers he was the one who stole it. The investigation continues.

On Friday night, a woman residing in rural Langlade County called dispatch frightened, saying a group of well dressed traveling salesmen had been very aggressive in their sales pitch of a vacuum cleaner and try to force their way inside the home. Another complaint was lodged about the same group two weeks ago. The men left but came back at around 7PM banging on her door. Police arrived while they were there. It was determined the men work for a distribution company in Wausau. Deputies warned them that any more complaints would result in charges of disorderly conduct and trespassing. They were told not to return.

On Sunday morning, Antigo grocery store employees dialed 911 for a man who was acting strangely, and was possibly under the influence. Police responded and the man was arrested for several warrants. He admitted to being on meth, and also said he had taken bath salts...

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Antigo's storm warning system to be aired at a meeting Wednesday evening

Outdated technology or a tried-and-true warning system?

That’s the issue facing residents of the city of Antigo—and their elected representatives—wrangling with whether to revamp the decommissioned tornado sirens or rely totally on new technologies to warn residents about impending tornadoes.

Aldermen are tilting toward technology, approving the Nixle system, which will send warning messages over cellphones and landlines to all residents, at its meeting earlier this week.

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Third annual Splash-N-Dash, a Swim Club event, set Saturday

The waters of Jack Lake will be host Saturday to the third annual Splash-N-Dash, the area’s only aquathon.

Sponsored by the Antigo Swim Club, the event features two different races — a long course encompassing a half-mile swim followed by a 5K run or a shorter quarter-mile swim and 5K dash along the wooded trails of Veterans Memorial Park.

Swimmers must be at least 12 years old and racers can choose to race with solo or tandem with one individual competing in each event.

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Local Law Enforcement Deals With Apartment Complaints

Local law enforcement dealt with two complaints regarding apartments on Thursday. A woman complained on Thursday afternoon, that her former landlord had been harassing her, and told her new landlord she had been a bad tenant. In response, the landlord gave them a 3 week trial period, where if police were called during that time, she would be evicted. The woman expressed concern to police that her former landlord would report them for no reason to get them thrown out. All parties were advised not to have further contact with each other.

Just after 11PM, a woman staying at an apartment on Mayking Road in Langlade County called 911, saying a man had engaged in unwanted sexual advances. The woman was able to escape...

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Bus firm ready to go it alone here

The Malliette Bus Co. held an open house Wednesday and welcomed a number of prospective new drivers and many of the veterans, just looking to the comrade.

“It was a great afternoon,” Tim Grosskurth said as the program was winding down later in the afternoon.

The prospective drivers were put through a number of tests including backing up between those orange cones.

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City opens door for new downtown activity

Downtown Antigo got a boost last night from the City Council.

It quietly approved two plans,one for a sign park at Fifth Avenue and Clermont Street filling a rather weedy and messy lost, and just across the street, Bella’s Smokehouse, which will offer brisket, p;pulled pork and rubs to its Antigo customers.

Aldermen will convene at 6 p.m. in the chambers at City Hall.

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Meth arrests include woman accused of exposing child to drug

A charge of child abuse has been filed against an Antigo woman accused of exposing a toddler to methamphetamine.

Amy J. Zahurones, 37, of 140 Morse St. was one of three people arrested last week as part of an investigation sparked by the discovery of a possible meth lab inside a Superior Street garage.

The suspect in that case, 35-year-old David J. Pray, was found at the Zahurones residence.

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Antigo music artists featured this year when 'Kids' visit

The Kids From Wisconsin are coming to Antigo Tuesday, and the always-electric show will have an increased spark.

Antigo High School’s Doug Benishek and Isaac Cuellar are performing with this year’s troupe, billed as the state’s acclaimed musical ambassadors, and they are excited to be home.

“We're very excited to be in our hometown on the 14th,” Cuellar said. “Seeing other Kids in their hometown shows and the audience reactions make us even more excited to perform for our small community. Since we perform twice that day, we're very thrilled to get to perform for a larger audience.”

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DNR finds invasive snail now in Elton Creek, problems may loom

Invasive snails that threaten waterfowl have expanded their range to a small cold water stream in Langlade County, according to a report released Tuesday by the Department of Natural Resources.

The snails were discovered in Elton Creek, a small stream.

Faucet snails harbor parasites that are deadly to waterfowl — primarily coots and scaup, also known as bluebills. DNR staff collected routine samples from the creek in December, and the snails were identified in those samples in May. One snail hosted the waterfowl parasite.

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Warmer Weather Reminds Of Dangers Of Hot Cars To Animals

Though Antigo normally doesn't reach high temperatures compared with the rest of the country, it doesn't take long for that weather to affect your pets in a hot car. Temperatures of just 75 degrees can feel like over 100 in under 10 minutes.

Dr. Sarah with the Antigo Vet Clinic says you should never leave your pet along in a car for more than 5 minutes at a time, to make the best of a bad situation, if you do have to leave them, make sure they have fresh water so they can stay hydrated.

She also adds that symptoms of an animal struggling inside a hot car include heavy panting, whining, and continuous movement ...

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Fast Food Manager Accuses Female Employee Of Theft

Shortly after noon on Tuesday, the Antigo Police Department received a call from a fast food manager in Antigo, saying that a female employee had possibly stolen money the previous night. He said the deposit was $600 short, and he wanted officers to help him retrieve the money. The woman was not at her home, but after looking through her records, officers noticed she was wanted on a warrant from Marathon County. The investigation continues.

Shortly before midnight, a sheriff's deputy was doing traffic enforcement on Highway 55 and County Road T. A female passed the officer going North on 55 at a high rate of speed and then turned into a gas station in Pickerel. When the deputy turned his car around to follow her, she wasn't there, leading him to believe she was trying to elude him.

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Two downtown projects on agenda at Wednesday evening's City Council meeting

Two projects that will bring direct benefits to the downtown will be decided when the Antigo Common Council meets Wednesday.

Aldermen will convene at 6 p.m. in the chambers at City Hall.

Leading the agenda will be approval of the first downtown entreprenuership grant—a new program—to Belle’s Smokehouse, which will be located at 800 Fifth Ave.

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In one block of Fifth Avenue, the unpopular 1970s bump-outs are being removed

Months ago, when the City of Antigo snowplow drivers were zigging and zagging around the bump-outs on downtown’s Fifth Avenue, a movement was launched to remove them in the 800 block of the street as an experiment.

And today the project is moving ahead full-steam.

Municipal backhoes, loaders and dump trucks are removing the cement and filling the gaps left by the decorative elements installed decades ago during a street rebuilding project.

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Invasive Snail Enters Langlade County

An invasive snail spotted six years ago near Shawano has been found in a non-connected stream to the north. The D-N-R said faucet snails were confirmed in Elton Creek in Langlade County, near the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. The snails hold parasites that can kill waterfowl like coots and scaup. They do not hurt most other wildlife. An estimated 120-thousand birds have died in the Upper Mississippi River region since 2002. The D-N-R's Bob Wakeman tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that fishing gear or the trout-fishing waders may have caused the snails to appear in Elton Creek. Boats and other waterfowl may have also spread them.

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Langlade County To Seek Other Options For Mental Health Services

The Langlade County Public Safety committee has agreed to instruct Corporation Counsel Attorney Robin Stowe to seek other options for mental health care for Langlade County. Currently, the county contracts with North Central Health Care, an organization designed to serve Marathon, Lincoln, and Langlade. Last month, Langlade County Sheriff Bill Greening stated he was concerned about the level of services being given to the county, and wanted to explore other options. Toni Simonsen with North Central Health Care, said that a pilot program has been started in the Marathon County Jail, with psychiatrists and forensic counselors on hand. The program could also mean 24 hour access with someone on call at all times in Langlade County. Greening was pleased with this, as the main issues for the department is no one available on nights, weekends, and holidays. Greening adds the problem exists in both the jail, and the general public.

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Elton couple jailed on meth counts

A home visit by a probation agent ended with the arrest of two Elton area residents Friday afternoon.

Langlade County authorities advise that the pair, a 33-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman, are both being referred to the district attorney’s office on counts of possessing methamphetamine and tools related to the use of the substance and other drugs.

Deputies were asked to assist in the visit on allegations there may have been drugs in the home. The suspicions were evidently correct as several items of evidence were removed from the property. Included were used needles, tea light candles and metal spoons with white residue, a socket wrench with suspected marijuana residue, jewel bags with trace amounts of white powder and 10 viles of Narcan, a drug used to reverse the effect of an opiate overdose.

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