Florida Home of Former Coach Lou Holtz Destroyed by Fire - ABC News

Lightning caused a massive two-alarm fire at Lou Holtz’s home in Orlando, FL, and one can see the damage below.

Orlando news stations report the house belongs to Hall of Famer and ex- college football coach Lou Holtz. With the fire, by Monday morning it was no more feeling bad for ourselves.

Holtz served as head coach for several college football programs, including North Carolina State (1972-1975), Notre Dame (1986-1996) and South Carolina (1999-2004).

Bird’s-eye view video footage shows huge portions of Holtz’s 11,000-square-foot home gutted.

More than 60 Orlando firefighters and 24 vehicles responded to the fire Sunday at 2:42 a.m. ET and did not fully extinguish the blaze until 5:59 a.m., according to fire department spokeswoman Ashley Papagni. Two firefighters reportedly suffered minor injuries while fighting the blaze.

Holtz and his family sustained no injuries during the incident, but his 1.6 million dollar mansion has seen its better days.

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