Metro: Taylor Swift gushes over Calvin Harris on stage durin Scottish gig

During a gig at the SSE Hydro arena in Glasgow, the Shake It Off singer practically professed her love for Calvin referred to her romance with Calvin. According to Hello Daily News, Taylor Swift calls the DJ "one of her ‘favourite people.’" Apparently, this is what the singer described her boyfriend on a photo she posted on Twitter on June 9. Taylor loves to interact with her fans while performing and she recently revealed how she has a massive love for Scottish people, and with good reason it would seem.

Taylor comes to Dublin to play two nights at the 3Arena from Monday.

"In the subject line it said ‘Tell Scotland this’ and in the email he said our whole family is from Scotland and you have to tell them that".

She said: "I think it's fun to have people pop up and make special guest appearances on the tour even if they're not musicians, like, fans still love them".

So what are you saying Taylor - should we buy a hat or not?

"But I remember, when I was growing up, I learned a lot about love from the movies we watched". In case you did not know, Calvin was born in Dumfries, just an hour away from the city.

'I want to always be there to tell them, that's not the most important - whether this picture got 50 likes and that picture got ten, please don't base your day and your happiness and your sanity on that.'. That's the great part about right now.

"That doesn't feel as nice as going to an award show and feeling like, 'Hey!"

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