W. Indiana HIV patient charged with not warning sex partners

He is presently facing 16 charges in connected to the alleged spreading of HIV.

Isiah Christopher Benford entered a plea of not guilty for sixteen criminal counts including battery by body waste and violation or failure of carrier’s duty to warn.

The Health Department has been working with Indiana State Police to build a case against Benford for almost a year. Police say three of Benford's sexual partners are willing to testify.

Officials say Benford never informed any of the victims of his status. Partner D later became ill and was diagnosed with HIV in 2010. It's not clear whether he has an attorney who might comment on the new charges. "Partner D believes she contracted HIV from Benford", court documents said.

A Terre Haute man has been arrested for failing to tell women with whom he had sexual intercourse that he is HIV positive. He’s been incarcerated there on robbery charges since April 26, 2014.

The ISP investigation started on May 15, 2014, after the Vigo County Prosecutor's Office received information from the Indiana State Department of Health and the Vigo County Health Department with a public health manner involving Isiah Christopher Benford.



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