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It's fair to wonder how this might affect HBO's relationship with the NFL, which grants the network special access for the popular training camp series "Hard Knocks". So Ballers rests easily on Johnson's shoulders and uses his charm to wrangle a bunch of would-be Entouragers. Dwayne "Rock" Johnson is believable in his role as Spencer Strassmore. I can not erase from my mind the leaked elevator footage of Ray Rice punching his wife unconscious and dragging her body out the doors. The problem is that the series, not Johnson, is incredibly disappointing. Loans are given out with hopes of landing players as clients, said Bobby Jones, a ex- NBA player who now plays for Italy's professional basketball league. Yes, his acting chops leave a bit to be desired in some of scenes, but his charisma powers through regardless of the writing.

The show takes place in Miami and as expected, there are sweeping views of South Beach at night, cigar smoking on yachts during the day, and gorgeous models filling the velvet roped-off bottle service section of the clubs.

On the other hand, the NFL could benefit from "Ballers" if the show turns out to be successful. But this winds up being a tiny unfair to Entourage: When that show came out, we hadn't, as a society, just spent 11 years shitting on its exact predecessor. Ricky, however, is a renowned celebrity, who can fornicate with the same girls rejecting Charles right there in the bathroom. Late as he typically seems to be and coming off an off-field incident that got him cut from the Green Bay Packers, Jerret is met not only by the coach but by Don Shula and Larry Csonka who were about the boat for a fishing trip.

What’s surprising about Ballers is how the NFL is featured front and center. Business Insider’s Jason Guerrasio talked to an industry lawyer with significant experience in copyright and entertainment issues who explained that producers do not have to ask the NFL for permission to use its team logos as long as those trademarks are used as intended.

The video shows that numerous charactes will face personal struggles, with some feeling they have no identity without football.

When the show drifts away from the boozy dinners, expensive cars, and coke parties on yachts, there’s a hint of some OK plots buzzing about, most notably the one surrounding Charles Greane (Omar Benson Miller), a ex- football player who is trying to figure out his next step in life and lands a decidedly unspectacular job at a auto dealership. A star player who gets into a head-on collision while arguing with his mistress. I do not know where the show goes going forward or how The Rock is going to get 300,000 dollars back, but I will surely tune in for The Rock every week and his strong (so far) cast that he has behind him at the moment. This bankrupts Strasmore, so he’s taking a huge leap of faith with this move. Albeit a really well acted and directed show and with HBO behind the wheel it has a more realistic feel. Ballers provides an interesting, albeit dramatized look at the other side of professional sports. The language is coarse, sexual situations (how shall I put this delicately?) are exotic, but "Ballers" also defuses both initial resistance and understandable repugnance with an easy charm - especially Johnson's characteristic charm offensive.

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