Winona Daily News: Walker hedging on timing of presidential announcement

Governor Walker formed a new fundraising committee today, to test the waters for a presidential campaign. In another, he asked supporters to help him raise $27,000 by July 12.

An announcement on whether he will run is expected in July. He’s been traveling the country, raising money and building the infrastructure for months, and is one of the most viable potential Republican candidates.

Walker’s fundraising blitz comes in advance of his near certain candidacy. On Thursday he opened a "testing the waters" account, another sign of his likely candidacy. On Friday he launched a new website,, with the tag line "Ready for Walker?" He said back in November he would only run after praying and feeling called to do it. "I think it's concerning especially with the budget at a standstill over this transportation bonding, and really trust to address some of the real issues we've got here in Wisconsin". He has been assembling a large campaign staff based in Madison in addition to traveling the country extensively, with a focus on early presidential voting states such as Iowa and New Hampshire.

He returned this week from a trade mission in Canada, his fourth overseas trip in five months.

"In the past several months many have urged him to run for president and he has decided to take a serious look at running", said Rick Wiley, executive director of Our American Revival, in a statement provided by the committee. But on Thursday, Walker told reporters following an event in Ripon that his goal "has always been to get through the end of the budget year which ends June 30".

"For us, it's just a chance to see what the publics opinion is across the country". The Republican-controlled Legislature has been at an impasse for nearly three weeks, delaying passage of the plan that Walker had hoped would have been done by now.

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