Get those receipts when using Illinois tolls

Get those receipts when using Illinois tolls If you are traveling and use Illinois tollways, be sure to keep all your receipts and even then, don't be surprised if you receive a letter stating that you owe some huge amount of money. It has happened to a friend of mine, who paid each and every toll in the "cash" toll lane. When asked to provide proof, the Illinois Toll Authority had the car on video, but that video was not even at a tollway, it was like a mile or so before the tollway. That is apparently the only proof they need. My friend ended up paying the outrageous fee, but, others should be forewarned! Maybe if a person saves all their receipts, you could win a dispute, but, also be prepared to keep those receipts for awhile, since I've seen other stories where the notices didn't even show up until a YEAR later. You can find similar stories to this one by Google searching "Illinois dmv scamming toll fees" Be prepared and best of luck! My advice, stay out of Illinois if at all possible.

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