Friday on Fred Street.

To the person in the black pick up truck who was speeding on Fred st Friday. Since you didn't bother to stop after you RAN OVER the small dog in front of his 15 year old owner, I thought I'd fill you in. Yes, you killed our dog after both front and rear tires went over him. He was barely a year old and loved by nearly 15 children plus the adults in the family. The 15 year old girl who witnessed your atrocious actions has had an emotionally damaging year and thanks to you she has more to deal with. The children who loved this dog aged 5-20 have to deal with the loss of a sweet furry friend. The fact that you didn't stop tells me one of two things. You are either too old to drive and will probably kill a child one day OR you are a cruel person who deliberately ran over someone's pet. Either way by not stopping after you destroyed the happiness of several small children you proved you are one of those people who have no sense of humanity or ANY morals. I just hope the children in your life never have someone like you kill their pet.

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