Debt Ceiling Talks

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September 27, 2013

Letter to the Editor
Antigo Daily Journal
612 Superior Street
Antigo, WI 54409

Letter to Editor:

Our retired Grandparents or even future retirees did or will not cause the national debt. It is totally immoral for Republican John Boehner, Republican Sean Duffy and Republican Ron Johnson to make Social Security the whipping post or the next ‘timber to take down.’

Boehner and his followers said ‘that getting the Republican controlled House to agree to raise the U.S. debt ceiling will only come with a deal to make cost sharing changes to Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, farm programs and government pensions.’

I wonder if that means the pensions paid by taxpayers for Senators and House of Representatives are also included? I doubt they would touch their pensions and the truth comes out when the Republican House of Representatives voted 41 times to not fund the Affordable Care Act; but they excluded their own tax funded health care plans!

A fact is the inflows and outflows for Social Security never has added/or will add to the national debt; it is part of the law, it can not, it is a free standing program. Also at the present rates it will pay out 100% of the Social Security Retirement amount for the next 20 years. Thereafter, if nothing is done, it will pay out 77% of the amount for 75 years. If the cap is removed (now at $113,700) taxable income going for Social Security then it would pay out 100% of the amount for the next 75 years.

What has caused the surge in national debt is: (a) the unfunded wars in Iraq and Afganistan, this is the only time in history there was no tax; (b) the unfunded Medicare Part D, on drugs (by Bush); (c) the two Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy [less tax revenue coming in and still in effect]; (d) and the Tarp bailout.

I say and you should say no to Senator Johnson and Representative Duffy. Call or write to them right: (a) Senator Johnson, 328 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510 or 202-224-5323; (b) Representative Duffy, 1208 Longworth HOB, Washington, DC 20515 or 202-225-3365.

We need to get upset and hold them accountable.

Thank you,

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