Murdered woman was witness against Darwin Davis, still not treated as homicide?

After reading this story in the Wausau Paper, it seems really stupid that the police didn't treat Heather Szekeres disappearance as a homicide or at least something other than her leaving her husband from the beginning?

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The story brought out some good points, and obviously the writer also felt that the police didn't do what they should have from the beginning, but, I found some of the contents disturbing and perhaps too invasive.

Darwin Davis is nearly famous in Antigo, with all his failed attempts at owning and running bars, and accusations along with actual convictions of sexual abuse to minors and drug activity, he should have been looked at by police from the moment Heather Szekeres disappeared!!

To elaborate, Davis owned/ran a bar on Fifth Avenue in Antigo, after moving from Highway 52 in the Aniwa/Wausau area, Petticoat Junction. After that fell through, he went on to open up the "Night Moves" bar on Highway 45 and Mapleview Road. It wasn't much later, he moved again to the old B&R Tavern, which was on the corner of Highway 45 South and Sunnyside Road. A few years later, he opened a juice bar/strip club (he was denied a liquor license) on Highway HH. Most recently, it was rumored that he was assisting with the management of the newly opened "Smoking Aces" tavern, which was once The Whistle Stop.

At the time that Mrs. Szekeres went missing, Davis was managing the last bar that she was seen, The Final Lap in Shawano. According to the Wausau story, she was going to be a witness against Darwin in his upcoming sex assault trial. Isn't that reason enough to look at him as a potential suspect? Apparently the Shawano authorities didn't think so.

As mentioned, the story had some good information, but, was it really necessary to bring out the fact that the victim had been sued by creditors? Is that really relavent in any way? It seems like something that had absolutely no place in the story. Also, why was it printed that the victim was receiving food stamps and government assistance? Isn't that a privacy issue? She was the VICTIM! It certainly has no bearing on ANYTHING at all that she was receiving assistance.

This woman's family has been put through enough already, it just doesn't seem right that they brought those less-than-flattering points into the story.

Heather Szekeres


just like how Antigo cops treated kayla berg disappearance too. maybe they would have found her if they didnt act like it waas a runaway

Go figure Davis once again walks away from some serious charges!!!

Why don't you look at the woman's husband . I heard she went missing and he moved out of town two days later to another state. Sounds funny to me. But of course this is antigo buzz and the way it runs blame everyone else when no one knows what is really going on. Best thing anyone can do is MIND YOUR OWN business .

Good point. Davis is a real piece of work, I wouldn't put murder past him. He should be questioned about that

It was well known that there were search warrants executed on the bar, his vehicles, & his residence concerning Heather's disappearance. Whether there was evidence collected, the sheriff dept did not reveal as it wasn't officially a homicide case at that point. But, without finding a body, they did follow up on every false lead, even taking them to Texas.

sad sounds like someone didnt go the extra mile for this PERSON,

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