Langlade County criminal court activity 03.12.2015

Langlade County criminal court activity 03.12.2015.

Levi B. Krimmer, 18, of Clermont Street, was sentenced to 45 days in jail for theft.

New charges filed:

Lisa L. Pritchett, 45, of Tenth Avenue, is charged with resisting or obstructing an officer. The incident occurred on February 28. A $300 bond was paid. An initial appearance is scheduled for March 30.


That woman should be in JAIL!!!

How many years now has she been getting those patches and selling them!?! Its been like 10 years or more, why is she still getting away with it? She isn't even sick to where she needs any pain meds and yet the drs keep on giving them to her!?

she sick in the head mayb thats why she gets them lol

The narcotics that are prescribed in this country are outrageous. The doctors that are prescribing this should be investigated and/or fired. The only people that should be getting those 'patches' should be terminally ill.

Doctors are legalized drug dealers so its OK : ) that way our corrupt legal system can make revenue off more drugs : ) its the ANTIGO WAY ! : (

Listen people she got busted for driving without a valid drivers liscense not drugs! Get the facts straight I don't even live there and I know what's going on! Ninety percent of Antigo not only sell their sh-t but buy it! I can almost guarantee that atleast one of you either used w her in the past!

no one said she was busted with drugs in this case, but she SHOULD be! I think that's the point here. It is common knowledge that she sells her patches, no need to use with her. She has been busted in the past but got off with probation, hmmm big surprise there and even after that she is still getting the patches from the doc. how does that work?

yes big suprise she got probation look at what happened with the "king pin" who just got six months. And by the way she doesn't get patches any more.... And her past is her past and that's what it is I bet you all have one too. Everyone has done something and who cares what she did almost ten years ago she paid for it..... This is a totally different situation I mean not having a drivers license and lying to the cop are totally different than selling patches. Plus. If it's something you know about that long ago unless you are a family member or former friend than how is it that you are bringing it up now unless you were there way back then purchasing them from her. She was found guilty served her sentence let her live her life and you live yours if you don't want to be part of it then stay out of it. It only takes common sense to know to stay away from people you don't like. So do that stay away from them and keep them out of your mouths. By putting them in your mouth that's making them part of your life.

Funny usually people who know someones selling there shit is cuz youve bought em from them in the past lol

is this lisa berint

yes her maiden name is Berndt

10 years ago my butt, i know for fact that she was still getting/selling/trading patches less than 4 years ago. She may have gotten busted 10 years ago but that didnt stop her.

how do you know she doesn't get the patches anymore, did she tell you that because she is and always has been one of the biggest liars ever!

Oh I know from experience that's she's a liar and also know that she got them back a couple of years ago and also asked for something else. If u know her and saw her u would have known that she was taking them because she was not able to function also the reason she asked to be taken off them and receive something else. And obviousally I'm close to her to know her so it doesn't matter who I am I choose to stay anonymous for a reason look up the definition!

When I first saw the charges against Lisa, I thought it had to do with the death that occurred at her home a few years back. It is disappointing to find out that is not the case.

I don't have any ill will toward Lisa, but, I know a few people who do. It seems that she fell victim to drug addiction many, many years ago. I believe that is what has caused her reckless actions and dishonesty.

It is sad that she can't just be honest. A family has been hurt by her actions and I hope they can find peace. I think it is human nature to want to know the events surrounding a loved ones death and I'm afraid due to her addiction and lack of responsibility they will never know the truth. I can only hope someday it will all come out.

I thought she already got into trouble for that death ?

No she never got anything from it cause she lied about everything while robbing the persons house she is a pos

The cops around here need to do their damn jobs!

Now there is a warrant out for her cuz she ddint show up for court

I heard that the cops still have that old case open.

They should still have that case open. There are many unanswered questions surrounding that persons death and the family deserves answers!

I heard she was a bar telling people about it & the body was at her house adn she didnt even call the cops yet. who does that?

I know for a fact that Lisa I a still using everything including bath salt etc and then she gets a slap on her wrist cause she is singing like a canary but the police have to go and take kids away for no reason at all she should not have children etc

You know for a fact cupcake because you use with her? I guess that is the only way you would know for a fact. You talk about singing like a canary but you are bleating like a goat. I don't know this woman but can tell from your post you are not the most upstanding person in the bunch making posts. You are no better than the woman you are bleating about.

yeah that makes sense lets all jump on the people making comments and not the people breaking the law, and if anyone on here is a cupcake we should call some scientists because cupcakes are not supposed to be sentient beings.....

If you would READ the posts you would note the person bleating like a goat used the name cupcake. I do not know either party but the poster up on her soap box is making conjectures about the individual. Rumors and revenge have no place here. Facts and pertinent information should be discussed. This persons rant and mistruth is would you like crap posted about you? So yes when people make dumb comments like this bleating billy goat I can't help but respond, cupcake.

My mom had live by her by antigo high school and for three years all you saw was people in and out for drugs and cops didn't do a thing to her they would come and do nothing to her and she was have kids come there for about five minutes and this went on all day every day cops need to do there job and get her she is a drug deal and a big one

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