Antigo drug "kingpin" receives sentence

Antigo's drug "kingpin" as stated by Langlade County District Attorney Ralph Uttke, was sentenced today in court.

Lindsay L. Hodges, 31, of South Hudson Street, received a six month jail term with three years probation for two out of the three charges she pled to. The jail term with probation was ordered for manufacturing or delivering marijuana. Three years probation was ordered for manufacturing or delivering amphetamine. That term runs concurrent. Charges of maintaining a drug trafficking place, manufacturing or delivering amphetamine and manufacturing or delivering marijuana were dismissed.

It is also stated in the court record that if Hodges goes into labor she may be released from jail with any balance to be used by probation for rules violations.

In a news story when the initial arrest occurred, DA Uttke was quoted as saying Hodges South Hudson Street home was the "number one drug house in the county". It was also stated that more than a dozen controlled buys were made with a confidential informant. In a search of the home, items found included an assault rifle, piles of pills and paraphernalia. Four vehicles had been impounded in connection with the case.

Lindsay Hodges Antigo drug kingpin



probably where Utke gets his drugs

Uttke is an idiot.

I REALLY hope he does NOT get elected for Judge!! He shouldn't even be a DA!

How sad that she is pregnant! I sure hope that baby is ok!!!!

Typical Langlade county corruption, sending press releases to every TV and Radio station within 100 miles .. Damaging a person's character calling them a "kingpin", giving out the person's name, and address as a drug trafficking house.. but the person is later found innocent of maintaining a drug trafficking place. No press release saying they made a wrongful arrest, and a wrongful allegation, or ask media to retract the story.. Nice work Antigo Police..

I dont think she is a piece of trash, people make mistakes, you shouldnt judge,people change

Hardly seems a fair sentence. Hopefully, when we elect a new judge, harsher penalties will be provided for any amphetamine related crime. Let marijuanna rest.....

How can she be a "kingpin" when those charges were dropped? Uttke has no idea what a kingpin

Definition of the word cop,, Coward On Patrol . And for crazy Uttke, definitely needs a mental exam and some anger management classes. then he should move back to California where he came from with the rest of his raisin friends.

Cmon's Langlade county...uttke is a JOKE of a DA. He has NO CLUB WHAT HE'S DOING! HE'S USELESS!

SHE`S HOTT!!!!!!

Once again Ralph Uttke shows the disparity in sentencing between males and females. I swear he has a hard on for all the guys and is just pissed he can't touch them. A MALE with marijuana spends a buttload more time in jail or prison than a female with amphetamines and/or other controlled substances.

She's one of my good friends. She had a rough spot in her life. Everyone does. And for your information the baby is doing perfectly fine!(:

Rough spot? I've hit rough spots and never sold drugs. LOL What a joke. I'm glad the baby is ok. Usually, people that deal drugs use the drugs. That affects thier unborn children... I hope her time in jail will have her reflet her motherhood and life.

Rough Spot in her life ? Don't we all ? A job would've been a better choice, but the drug testing kept her from getting one. I'm glad the baby is doing fine, but the environment isn't, sorry. And if you, the last commentator, is a good friend, you should know, that she is never going to stop smoking pot. She is every parents dream kid :( And the sentence is a BIG joke !

Wtf? I get 5 yes in prison for party to a crime? Guess up there u gotta be udtke a pet to get off easy

It is so sad when people get caught up in a life like that. I sure hope that she learns something and does better for herself and baby when this is overwith.

maybe the court felt that she was taking responsibility for her actions and thats why her sentence is what it was.

I really hope her baby has a better home to go to than hers unless she can change. Makes me sad to think of a baby being put into a life like that. So many people adopt and wish they had a baby and some one like her has one. Sad. Unfortunately people usually do not change.

Her baby will be just fine in her house she is a very good person. She made a mistake. It's as simple as that

Everyone makes mistakes and to me this seems minor, compared to the people out there that are selling heroin, cocaine, etc. yes, I do hope she's learned a lesson and is now in a better place for her and her baby. I only know her from working at the Humane Society and she was always very nice and seemed caring. I am sure she realizes how dumb this was and won't fall back into that path...I hope!

she still does other drugs. it's quite sad..specially getting pregnant with her friends boyfriend. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Shouldnt it be obvious to you people that she must have snitched on about 3 dozen people to get the sentence she did?

All I have to say is More Antigo Trash. I know who she is and I know her current "dead beat Boyfriend" both are complete morons and the Dead Beat Boyfriend should pay his child support for the 5 kids he has already. Nope they both gotta make a quick buck and run drugs. Anyone wanna look up Carl Yeppers Resale on facebook thats the dead beat boyfriends. Birds of a feather. Both druggies and both should NEVER have children. The rest of her stash must be at the Boyfriends house or his Mothers house. Alway duckin the cops. Garbage people I tell ya. Utdke need to get a clue.

Wow you ppl sound real compassionate and forgiving I wonder how God will judge you when your time comes after you leave your body. If he shows you the same compassion and judge you as you judge this woman what would your eternal sentence be

I am certain that the judgement this woman will get for using drugs while pregnant and damaging her baby and most likely the other kid in her life as well will be condemned to hell the rest of her death. Wonder how many kids she has sold drugs to? Wonder if you are one that has helped her sell drugs as well. I pray the state takes her kids and make her suffer worse then a lousy 6 months in jail. Really that little slap on the wrist will do nothing for a lifer druggy. You are judged by who you choose to hang out with. It is guilt by association. She is trash and would be better off not being here. Her poor kids suffer because this is the life SHE chose. Stop praising the wrong doers and grow up. God will punish her in the end and the law needs to punish her harder then they have. She got off easy for narking others out and because Udtke wanted votes. That is the only reason. But keep defending her! You will soon be another arrested and made to look the fool in the end. God save your soul if he deems he should.

God is a fairy tale you tell your kids. If you really believe you may as we'll be on drugs yourself. Ps I hope you choke on a wiener trying to put fellow man down like that. A big fat weiner.

You are one sick Heathen. Stock up on ice cubes because you're going to need them where you are going.
I am not judging that is for GOD. I am just saying.

I really think you need to look up the word Heathen, it means one who dwells near the hearth, use it correctly. Secondly, as a proud Wiccan, I will say that you need to learn tolerance or your life will be miserable.

Just by reading your comment. Everyone can tell that you have a mental problem.

In my opinion, Antigo is one of the most corrupt cities I Wisconsin. Cops screw underage girls, use drugs, and abuse citizens. These are all evident in the past years. Jason Just was a prime example, and these kinds of officers are still around.

Ralph Uttke is an idiot who likes to jump the gun, and thinks the officers here do no wrong. Plenty of inncent people have gotten prosecuted by him, and he blindly ignores evidence indicating innocence. Mr. Uttke, ignorance is not an excuse for violating the law.

I'd like to see the people of Antigo take back control of the city. Stand up and protest, watch the local government like a hawk, and catch them on the corruption. If not, you have no right to complain about people like Ralph, or the police. Wake up fellow citizens.

I agree that cops are corrupted. When I was 20 and im a female btw. An ex army private (he only did his two years) threaten to beat me up and wrote me a paragraph long message on how he was going to come to my house. In the message he stated that he would get away with it. So, I called the cops and an officer saw the messages and said that he knew him and would talk to him. Then I got a message from him saying that it was funny that i went to the cops and that he was his bestfriend and they laughed at me. The reason behind why he was mad at me cuz he was daiting one of my stupid shrek looking friends and I told her she could do better. Hes a father of 5 or 6 children now with 5 women including her now. Worked as a bouncer at a strip club, he was and still is no winner. It was just an opinion of mine, she shouldnt have asked. She told him and he threatened to beat me up; plain and simple.

Sociopaths with police power.Since slavery is now illegal, today's sociopaths started the war on drugs and their degenerate thug force of low iq sadists dominate rape and pillage within the law. In Nazi Germany, everything Hitler did was legal.

What I find sad, my friends, is that most of our fellow Antigonians fear the government here. People should not fear their governments, governments should fear their people.

Who, if not us, will fight that corruption? In a small town like ours, it is up to the people that reside there. Justice must be upheld, and not by these sad excuses of men and women, given protection by a piece of metal and a uniform.

Do you know if you get a owi and drop a thousand bucks on ads int the daily journal your name wont go it paper but when you here her on the radio you here her say PUT YOUR MONEY IN OUR BACK NICE PAM NICE

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