City's tornado sirens are silent today

When the statewide tornado drill was conducted this afternoon, Antigo’s sirens were silent.

And they will remain that way.

City officials are urging residents to take advantage of a myriad of other weather alert systems, following a decision last fall by the Antigo Common Council to eliminate the use of the emergency weather sirens.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


Nice Why don't we just shut down the fire department and police station too.

Dear old, cheap Antigo. Another dumb idea. Just as brilliant as removing fluoride from the water like they did in the late 60's. Now all the 50+ folks are running around with less than half their teeth. When the big one hits the new storm strategy is to grab your ankles and kiss your a$$ goodbye in Antigo. Heck no need at all for Brad and the entire Emergency Management Department.

Fluoride has been classified as a neurotoxin. Stop being a parrot and just repeating what ya heard. If you don't know do some research. "Most Americans drink fluoride every day as part of what critics refer to as an involuntary mass-medication program. Organized dentistry argues that it is good for children’s teeth. However, according to a recent report in one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, the industrial chemical added to water supplies across much of the United States is actually a dangerous developmental neurotoxicant.

Echoing the recent findings of another Harvard study suggesting that fluoride is associated with drastic reductions in the IQ of children, The Lancet journal report classified the chemical as a harmful neurotoxin. That puts it right alongside lead, mercury, arsenic, and other dangerous substances, the authors said, warning of the potentially far-reaching consequences." If people are losing there teeth. You can bet it's sugar in one of its many forms.

You antifluoride conspirators are all the same. Much like vaccines don't cause autism you put unnecessary fear trying to create mass hysteria. Actually fluoride is a natural mineral that in weak concentrations hardens tooth enamel and prevents dental decay. That is the scientific medical consensus. So you know more than the experts. Reassuring so many scientists posting on this blog living in Antigo. Too cheap to fluoridate the water years ago and now too cheap to have the city storm warning siren in working order.

Just another shining example of how great Antigo is. Does the Common Council not consider that there may be people out there with NO other way to get warnings? "Urging residents" indeed. I "urge residents" to vote in a whole new Common Council.

I agree with u on that and really it kinda was like our town heritage well the way i thought of it like come on why would it be so so so so so expensive to keep

Most of the ones running the show are idiots. Nobody goes to meetings. Nobody cares. Why do you think there are what like 15-20 chairs for 8,234 people to sit and those 15-20 aren't barely ever full. Not any of the times I have gone anyhow. They makeup crazy taxes and pass them through and nobody bats and eye or does jack. Just piss and moan. They give all their buddies raises and vote it through. Nobody does jack but piss and moan. They spend, spend, spend keeping a new fleet of squad cars and new heavy equipment. Why would they change. They don't care you suckas get to pay for it. Then they can pat each other on the back and vote each other another raise or something. Other cities are rolling in new cars and heavy equipment and I don't see any money trees in front of the courthouse. When people in your community like Mr. Zupon actually took time to show up and bring up real issues like how you shouldn't be fluoridating the water because even in medical journals it has classified as a neurotoxin. Did anyone in the community come out and rally behind someone speaking the truth. Hell no! Ya'll sat at home not giving a damn. Which brings us to where we are today. A bunch of good ol' boys doing what they want when they want because nobody gives a damn. Shame really...

It should read: Other cities AREN'T not are rolling in new cars and heavy equipment

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