Antigo man received prison sentence

An Antigo man is heading back to prison for crimes he was convicted of in 2007.

Eron W. Gorr, 34, of Weed Street, received a six year sentence, with three years of initial confinement and three years of extended supervision.

Gorr was convicted in 2007 of two burglary charges, of which he received a ten year probation term. That probation was revoked due to new charges that he accrued.

In February, he was charged with possessing marijuana as a second or subsequent offense and possession of drug paraphernalia. The latter charge was dimissed but read in the record.

Eron Gorr mugshot


So..this guy has been out of prison for 8 years. and then got busted for pot and had his life taken away by the government? Was he working a job and staying out of real trouble all this time?
I dont know this man, but if he was keeping his nose clean and is going to prison now for having marijuana, shame on you all.

I agree with you, pot is a lame reason to send someone to prison. legal in one state, prison sentence in another, so stupid!

thank you some people think this is funny I don't!

I am assuming your the wife. Same comment was made on facebook. If I was you I wouldn't think it is funny either. But, TRUTH is what your husband did is illegal and now he is paying for it.

it is called probation for a reason. If you don't want to do the time, then don't do the crime.

Nose was definitely not clean from what I heard but thats Antigo for you everyone talks crap about everyone

Marijuana prohibition should be a crime. Corruption and profit wins out over health and justice.Sick embarrassment to justice.

You know alcohol is legal. People die of alcohol poisioning. Husbands beat their wives and kids. Thousands of people die every year from thebreault of drunk driving. I seen what it did to my cousin. People are immature and irrespnsible when theyre drunk. What does pot do?! Huh. No overdoses on record ever for marijuana! People are happy hungry and sleepy when they smoke pot. They dont go around starting bar fights or beating people. People who say pot is awful have never smoked it. Medicinal marijuana is meeicinal for a porpose. And research shows helps anxiety depression insomnia anorexiety chromic pain. But alcohol is legal and pot isnt?! Thats absolitely absurd. I think this is bull theyre sending him to prison for this and i can not wait til its legal. Some of you prudes should start amoking when it is.

I think ppl are forgetting the fact that he committed a crime that made him go on probation. If he didn't want to go to jail, then he should have behaved. Its not very hard to behave, but somehow, some ppl think they are above the law and can break the rules and do whatever they want, without consequences. One mistake I can see that, but he committed two counts of burglary, so personally he should be punished. If he didn't want to go to jail, then he shouldn't have done drugs. Its pretty simple really, DONT DO ILLEGAL THINGS, and you wont go to jail.

They can put you in jail for anything... and they will. It's not about Justus it's about money and control. Sex offenders ruin lives and usually get a slap on the wrist and let out the next day... people with money do less time or get easier sentences thats usually how are Justus system works. it's a joke.... the whole thing needs to crumble already so the random strangers dressed in their badges n robes the people we let control our every movement by telling us how and where we can sleep n exist etc will be right next to the burglar or coke dealer or person talking on their phone while driving...I can't wait personally.

40,000 new laws on the books already this year hope you can keep up...when injustice overrides liberty,rebellion is the only true freedom

Meanwhile a major "so called" drug kingpin gets ONLY 6 months.Rumor has it if you split the profits with Boss Hogg, you get a better deal.

Do u people not realize that he has been in n out of jail n prison his whole life pretty much with a very lengthy record which is not just pitly weed charges but sum not so good ones either!! N also do u people not realize that he did not get sent back to prison cuz he got busted with a lil weed n a pipe he went back to prison cuz of the burglary charges he got in 2007, c cuz when ur put on probation for a crime u r agreeing that if u mess up on probation n u get revoked for nething no matter what it is ur sentence will b based off of the crimes u r currently on probation for not the crime u committed while on probation!! So he for sure knew if he got into ne trouble while on probation then he knew he would b going back to prison for sure n he still choose to not care!!! Usually ur revocation sentence is totally separate than the sentence u will get for the new charges u caught while on probation but sum attorneys r smart to get them combined together so u get less time or probation!! N also no he has not been out for 8 years already its been about half of that n also since hes been out hes been put on Po holds n sh-t too so its also not like he was doing just perfect since he got out 3-4 years ago cuz he sure hasn't!!! So people need to know bout the stuff n bout the person before saying nething or even thinking hes a saint cuz he sure ain't!!!

Can you please speak English in complete sentences. I have no idea what the h-ll you are trying to say..

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