Police: Woman hosts party, has sex with boys

An Antigo woman who was host to a weekend drinking party will face charges on allegations she had sex with two teen revelers.

According to the Antigo Police Department, the 31-year-old is being referred to the district attorney’s office on charges linked to the acts which allegedly occurred after she supplied alcohol to her daughter and several of her friends.

Two boys, ages 13 and 14, were among party’s attendants and it is alleged that the pair had sex with the adult female.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


If they're saying this occurred just this past weekend, all the statements are false and it's clearly just an angry child retaliating against her mother in the worst way possible. I know who this is about and know for a fact that there was no party at that residence this weekend.

ya this didn't really happen

It doesn't specifically say that it happened this weekend...

I gots my party on wit dis mama before in the John at McD!

Sick, and women want equal rights, go do prison time like a man would

Your comment is absolutely ignorant. 1. What does women's rights have to do with any of this? With your logic, men shouldn't have rights. They sleep with little kids too, why is that ok? And 2. She WILL do prison time you moron, just like a man would. We are in 2015, not 1932

Silly girl, child sex is for cops! crucify her!

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