Davis gets new sex charges - jailed with $150,000 bond

Darwin Davis, of Antigo, and formerly of Shawano, has been charged with another sexual assault crime, among others.

According to court records, Davis has been charged in Shawano County with second degree sexual assault of child, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child, resisting or obstructing an officer, two counts of obstructing justice and four counts of felony bail jumping.

The offenses date back to 2012 and 2014.

A warrant with $150,000 bond had been issued yesterday, but was canceled today, as Davis was picked up last night at his Elm Street address in Antigo.

An initial appearance was held today at 11:30am.

He has two other open cases in Shawano County, charges in those cases are possession of marijuana as a second or subsequent offense, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of narcotic drugs, felony bail jumping, repeated sexual assault of same child, possession of marijuana second or subsequent offense, possession of drug paraphernalia and second degree sexual assault of a child.

Darwin Davis charged with sex assault


But I bet nobody even touches him in prison Cruz chomos are protected very well....

Yes to Mary


To Darwin's son - I understand that you feel the need to defend your father. However, any citizen has the right to go to the Shawano County Courthouse & ask for copies of the criminal complaints. I have done this. I suggest you do the same. Once you read all the paperwork, you will realize that your father has lied to you, just as he did police & court system. Once you also get all the facts, you might not be quick to defend him.

Would you happen to have the criminal complaint in digital format?
If so, perhaps you could email it & have it put up.
[email protected]

I had to pay by the page for my copies. So, I am not going to post it for free. If people are interest let them go get it themselves, just a I did.

You know,upon 2nd thought, it's not about the money. I'd like to help inform the public about the facts of this case, but I do not have access to a scanner. Sorry. But, if you wants the facts, read the article in the Shawano Leader today or go get a copy from the courthouse.

One more thing ... Leave your minor child at home . Bars are for ppl 21 and over not for young girls to be by drunk ppl .. Be responsible parent and none of this will happen to your child.

What about the parents who bring their teenage children to the bar with the intention of getting something to eat?This was the situation in this case.
The BEWARE blogger is correct. Get a copy of the criminal complaint. The truth is all in there.

I agree with "Me". Leave your underage child at home! If you want to grab something to eat, go somewhere else! Do not expose your children to something they are not mature enough for. Plus they are taking up space for other paying customers.

If they were not in the bar in the first place, something like this may not have happened.

Amazing 95 yes I said 95 sex offenders live in langlade county. And only one gets picked on. I think we should bring all there names up for everyone to know .. Don't you agree

If these other sex offenders start molesting more people and lying about it repeatedly then they will "get picked on" also.

Your point is legitimate. However, if a person is convicted, pays his debt to society by being incarcerated, & never commits another crime again. Then, the system works. But, Darwin Davis' name keeps showing up in criminal court proceedings. Why shouldn't we keep bringing up him name? Today, his mugshot is on the front page of the. Shawano Leader.

The only reason they picked him up again is the d.a. Got caught with holding evidence in his case and got caught doing so. The juge even ruled in his favor .Now there trying to cover there butts for messing up and avoiding a law suite . Our court system really needs something done with it a major over haul.

Can you speak English please?

Ummm, no. They picked him up again because there are new charges. They can't just arrest him because the DA was supposedly withholding evidence. He has to commit a crime to be arrested. Your lack of understanding of how the laws in the country you live in work makes me hope that you don't vote...or run for office.

Our court system needs major changes, and it will start with the new election set this next year for a new judge. John Rhode is up for judge and we all need to vote him in instead of Uttke. This county cannot survive Uttke as judge. Please everyone vote, next we need to find a new DA to get rid of Uttke for good! Everyone is so tired of seeing him let the scum bags out with a slap on the hand.



Darwin davis right's were terminated from his daughter in 1998. He needs to me locked up for life. When you can molest your own daughter when she is 2 years old there is definitely something wrong in the head. he should have locked up then. How he hasn't caught until now I will never understand!!!!

The problems you seem to be pointing out have been around for quite some time. According to Wisconsin circuit court access, back in 1994, it was Judge Jansen who only gave Darwin 5 Years in prison per the plea.

If you really want to change your court system,,get on the horn and call the State Attorney,,your Senator and Congressmen,,make yourselves heard,,I did,, many many times for various reasons,,and Uttke is a good a reason as any,,cite this case,,

You cannot cite this case when complaining about Uttke. It's a Shawano case. Being arrested in Langlade County does not mean he will go to trial here or serve time here. It only means he was in Antigo when he was picked up.

I personally only make comments based on the circuit court access website, the complaint paperwork, or things I witnessed myself. With that said, I did travel to Shawano to sit in the courtroom back in December 2012, when Darwin Davis was originally charged. After the official hearing, setting his bond, was over, the video camera broadcasting from the jail was still on. In disbelief of the amount, Darwin leaned over to his attorney and said loudly, "at least it wasn't with a family member this time.".
That comment alone was very telling about his past conviction in 1994. What a scumbag.

No it was a member of MY FAMILY!!!!!! She was supposed to be a babysitter for your kids, not your girlfriend!!!!!

Hey this is his son. How about u stop with ur lies

Knowing the Davis family and having a very very low opinion of their family im not going to make this more personal than if someone is accused of that many things, at least some of it has to be true......What you people fail to understand is its not the cops, DA, or judge that is at fault, its the entire correctional system. When someone is sentenced to prison our states department of corrections receives a check for housing that inmate. Sex offenders are given the most lenient sentences because they have the highest rate of reoffending thus the D.O.C. receives another check and so on.........But hey its Wisconsin you dumb---es elected a Gov. without a college degree....TWICE

Obviously a coward like yourself wouldn't post their name so I'll keep this short as not to waste my time in you.. When you hide the way you've chosen is because of your own families skeletons, May God have mercy on you!

Vince, I have to disagree with whoever posted that comment about the Davis family. One person in a family messing up and doing some horrible things does not mean the whole family is bad. Your a really good guy and they should not have pulled your whole family into based upon one person. But I am sorry I do agree with everyone else about how awful Darwin is. With that said I'd like to add towards everyone else, we do have to get rid of Utdke for many reasons, he makes the plea bargins. The judge allows it. Something has to be done to protect the children and make them feel safe. To the person blaming the parents, shame on you. As parents we can't lock up our children at home until they're 18. Our children need to feel safe in their own town and community. And Darwin didn't even care if parents were there or not, I was with my mom when I was under 18 and walked to the bathroom and he walked up to me and hit on me, now I brushed it off and kept walking but when someone like him see's something he really wants he'll go for it, thankfully it wasn't me because he knew my parents personally back then and knew my dad would have killed him but we need to as a community come together on this. We need to make it known that we're not going to put up with this. He committed his crime a long time ago did his time and was let out. If it would have stopped there than fine, but he didn't and those are the ones who need to be put away forever. I think all people who prey on children even just once should be shot but of course I don't get to decide that and the system believe they should get a second chance but they should by no means get a third chance. Absolutely not! I have children, two girls, I couldn't imagine something happening to them like this. It scares me knowing there's so many sex offenders living in town here. Protect the children, and start somewhere he's in the system now going through the court proceedings and can be put away for life. Do it send him away. We can't do anything about those who are not in trouble with it right now because of double jeopardy but I firmly believe if they repeat the way Darwin did they should be put away forever as well! SICKENING!!!!!!

Just except the fact that your brother is guilty, so No matter what you say doesn't change that fact.

I understand why Davis family might be angry with what people say on here. Truth is half of the people on here such as myself, our family members have never been charged with a felony or less. Or charged with molesting a child MULITIPLE TIMES!

One of Darwin's defense lawyers withdrew from the case today. It seems as though there is some validity to the obstruction charges. Basically, Darwin got caught lying to his lawyers & they filed motions based on those lies.

To "truth" - if you are going to comment on this person/case, gets your facts correct. I say this because, according to the criminal complaint, his two children (1 boy & 1 girl) he had with his wife were living with him until he was arrested & taken into custody in December 2013.

He had a daughter in 1991. He molested the friend of girl next door to where we lived who was 13 or 14. This is when I discovered he was molesting our daughter. I know because I am the mother of the 2 year old he molested. I have my facts straight.....he also has a son 3 months younger that he had w/someone else that's not his wife also...so get your facts straight. To my knowledge he has 4 children.. and who knows maybe more.

I didn't think he was convicted or even charged with the molestation of his daughter that was born in 1991? Did that deal go to court or not? If not, obviously there wouldn't be any record of it, at least not to the general public.

I didn't say he was convicted. I said his parental rights were terminated. Eleven jury members found him guilty. come to find out the one that said not guilty was a friend of the davis's. So yeah.. he walked. Nice, huh?

If this is accurate, then I stand corrected.

she was 12 and my daughter he pleaded guilty and got 5 sat for 3 where was the right in that . they let him out to do it again

Yeah he did have a son and that would be me. I would like it if u didnt trash talk my father. U have no clue whats going on

Yes. You are the son who plead guilty, in Sept. 2103, of possession of drugs & allowing minors to drink alcohol in the restaurant that your father rented/ran in your name.
According to the criminal complaint, the victim in this case was hired to babysit your 2 younger siblings (1 boy & 1 girl) while your father was running the bar in downtown Shawano. Again, according to the criminal complaint, your father convinced the victim they should start dating.

LOCK HIM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY. This guy had too many chances.

Funny... I knew Darwin and, his son and I were great friends. My friend dated Darwin when he ran Pole Cats (I don't know why she would strike an interest) WHY DONT YOU GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. HE HAS MORE THAN TWO CHILDREN.

Well that's just grate. Now he's dragging pot down in the gutter with him. : (

Yeah, because he's the worst person who has ever sparked a joint.

*great, not grate

Ive seen all my dads paperwork. I know everything.

Anyone who claims to know everything only proves how little they they know...

Udtke lets them go easy because he has things in common with them, after all they protect each other....

IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!! Shawano Police officially identied the body found in the Township of Richmond is Heather Szekeres. Saw it on WBAY website.

Rest in peace Heather. I hope and pray for her family and friends the person responsible for her death is held accountable and punished. We may never know what happened to her. Disgusting that this beautiful woman can be so horribly taken and no one seems to know anything!!!!!!!


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