Davis gets new sex charges - jailed with $150,000 bond

Darwin Davis, of Antigo, and formerly of Shawano, has been charged with another sexual assault crime, among others.

According to court records, Davis has been charged in Shawano County with second degree sexual assault of child, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child, resisting or obstructing an officer, two counts of obstructing justice and four counts of felony bail jumping.

The offenses date back to 2012 and 2014.

A warrant with $150,000 bond had been issued yesterday, but was canceled today, as Davis was picked up last night at his Elm Street address in Antigo.

An initial appearance was held today at 11:30am.

He has two other open cases in Shawano County, charges in those cases are possession of marijuana as a second or subsequent offense, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of narcotic drugs, felony bail jumping, repeated sexual assault of same child, possession of marijuana second or subsequent offense, possession of drug paraphernalia and second degree sexual assault of a child.

Darwin Davis charged with sex assault


I am NOT afraid to list my own damn name and not hide behind a computer screen. My question is why the f--k hasn't this PUKE been taken care of yet? The state of Wisconsin along with Langlade County DA and Shawano County DA keep letting this sick f--k off on minimal charges. Give him the MAX and stop ALLOWING him to reoffend. The DAs as well as the public defenders in these cases are at fault for allowing him to hurt additional children!!! WHEN WILL IT STOP??? And don't give me the bulls--t on how hes a great upstanding guy and blah blah blah! He needs to be dealt with the old fashioned way since our county court and state justice system so no issue here!

i agree!!! Ralph udtke is quick to give a party to a crime 5 yes in prison and take away precious days of me seeing my kids grow up but this scum bucket walks free!!!!

I don't understand you making comments on here when you are with Clarence (Jug) Bouwma. Who's father is a convicted sex offender and Jug has been accused by so many young girls and never gets convicted. Even his family tries to keep there kids away from him since he was a teenager. I'm not going to name all his family because they don't deserve it but I suggest you talk to them and find out from them how many family members have been sexually assaulted by him. I know it was only a few years ago he got a young underaged family member pregnant and she had an abortion but was to ashamed embarrassed to tell the police. I know he just had some charges dropped due to lack of evidence in Cresco, Iowa. He is just as bad if not worse than Darwin!

Hey before people go talking s--t about something they know nothing about how about u learn the facts.

Sincerly, darwin davis's son

Learn the "facts" hes been charged how many time for sexual assult???? You cant honestly say that hes innocent on ALL of those accounts. Get a grip, hes scum.

Hey dumb-ss, I'm sure you can guess who I am since you don't have a ton of female cousins so I'll just say this, he tried it on me when i was fifteen. I'm sorry but that's who your father is and the sooner you accept it the less kids who be put at risk. Seriously Tyler, I'm sorry but its true if u want details get a hold of me I'll be happy to tell u all about he time your dad tried sleep with me...

Tyler I know it must be hard for you since hes your dad. But, I knew your dad first time I met him at pole cats he screamed sex offender. The facts are correct what he did is not right. Stop trying to defend a child molester.

Why was he on the streets after the first charges of sexual assault and for so long he is a piece of s--t and should be locked up for good and let the others in prison punish him

It's scary that he was next to West elementary and has been for sometime. The state shouldn't let this POS around kids or live next to a school.


He lived at West because he grew up in that house and his mother lives there. When he was released from prison after his initial charge involving a minor, he was paroled to the same house so it's not a new thing.

Sorry, should I have shouted that back in all caps?

HA HA HA you're funny Sheila....

Should I have stated that I was being sarcastic?

You could, random anonymous, but the impact isn't going to be what you are hoping for. *yawn*

Maybe know that he is in jail the f---king ppl will stop saying he owns my dam bar

Because that's of major concern here

He has been linked to your bar MANY ways and that isn't what the issue is here. Remember, you are the company you keep. you have the right to refuse service to anyone!!

you're the one who made him an administrator to your bars facebook page tory

How many other children has he done this to that were to afraid to say anything?

Aint hiding my name he's a piece of s--t always has been always will be i hope he sits for a long time and gets raped repeatedly so he knows what it feels like

Why is it that all these people get a public defender which we pay for their cases last forever??? Just saying

Perhaps you've heard of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?


I know Darwin very well unfortunately, I have no idea how he hasn't been in prison sooner. No clue what in the world goes through Ralph Utdke's head but sex offenders always gets a slap on the hand from him. Its sickening. What ever happened to 15 will get you 20? With Ralph its more like 15 will get you a year and probation oh and if you do it again its fine mistakes happen no big deal. Such BS , Does Ralph not give a crap about the children, does he not care if they feel safe? Seriously Ralph needs to retire and we need a new DA. If I see or hear Darwin gets let out I'm going to lose all faith in this town and justice system and might just stir up some S**t. I have so much more I'd like to say but this could go all night so I'm going to stop hear. Just makes me more angry.

I too know Darwin very well and Ralph Uttke even better. Who ever votes Uttke as Judge needs their head examined as I know first hand that the true POS that molest children or anyone for that matter get not even a slap but a snitching job. I am with those who want to go old school as well. But if it isn't brought to the people of Langlade county he will continue to let these piles loose. So that you know Ralph Uttke is running for Judge and if this happens Antigo is really F'ed. I will never judge anyone as we all make mistakes but when you get blamed for something you didn't do and lose 12 years of your life and everything you own because our public officials deem themselves GOD and don't allow the real truth to come out there is an issue. We need to stand on Uttke and put people like this away and see how the fend for themselves in a REAL Joint.

Maybe Ralph Utdke is a molester too

I don't think he's a molester, but, I did hear he used to smack around his ex-wife, almost as bad.

Zak sexually assaulted me when I was 6
He IS a molester
This is not his first set of charges
The court ordered a ready raining order for him
Not to have contact with me
A year ago he got busted having sex with my cousin

Not afraid to show my name either. The first time I read about the child/sex offense it made me nauseous. Now that I read "repeater" I literally just vomited in my mouth!! What the f**k!?!? There ABSOLUTELY should NOT have even been a chance at repeating!!!!

He has been assaulting women and children since the 80s and women keep dating his nasty a-- and he keeps molesting there kids. Why isn't he in prison for a long period of time

If you look at the other charges, felony obstructing an officer & felony obstructing justice means he got caught lying to the police during the investigation and also the judge during the evidenciary hearings. Each offense has a subsequent felony bail jumping charge. Hopefully, this means a bunch of extra years tacked on, so he dies in prison.

does anyone know who the girl is ? You all now so much about everything put no one know anything . How about the other offenders that live here to. Do you all talk s--t about them ?. Don't judge because some day you will be judged . No I'm not sticking up for anyone and I'm not judging no one. Worry about your own life not everyone else's .

Im the mom if the girl, and all I can say is thank you everyone for feeling the same way that I have been feeling for the last 2 yr. 5 mo.

How old is your daughter and how is she in continuous contact with him? I'm just curious, because I know how some teenage girls are and they are hard to control sometimes when they think their in love or whatever.
I feel for his mother and family that once again they have to be humiliated by this pig! His wife don't count because she condones his behavior or she wouldn't be with him and lying for him all the time. All I can say is he has to be a master manipulator to keep getting away with his perversion! Casterate the Bastard once and for all!

Awww, you mean I don't get your pity? A random Pam on the internet? I think I may cry myself to sleep tonight. Oh wait, no I won't. I will sleep just fine knowing that the recent 10 charges are there because I helped the most recent witness that came forward. So, random nobody who thinks her "pity" is something joyous to behold, you can be disappointed that my feelings are not actually hurt.
I have not lied for him either, so if you intend to cast that stone you are going to need to provide some evidence. You probably also already know that, not only are we not together (nor have we been for a few years now), but I don't even live in Wisconsin. Wait, no you don't because you claim that I "condone his behaviour or I wouldn't be with him" right?
"Master manipulator" is my favourite, because despite the fact that he "keeps getting away with this perversion" he's already got a record for serving time for this type of behaviour. Not only that, but everything he does is watched and reported on by people who follow this blog. I'm not sure what you think he's getting away with. There is definitely no love lost from me when it comes to Darwin, but there are plenty of things to not like about him without exaggerating the facts. You can join the queue, because there are plenty of people that aren't going to be adding him on FB anytime soon.
You want to criticize a lack of prosecution, stick to what he's actually guilty of. There is PLENTY of ammo available, if only from this website. If there is something that YOU are privy to that he's done but hasn't been charged with, I suggest that you take your proof to the authorities. There is plenty of law enforcement nearby willing to assist you with that. If you are basing your rant on opinion and hearsay, then you really have no basis for complaint, as he has done time (whether locked down or on parole) for every crime he's been accused of. That sounds to me like a system doing its job, even if the job is flawed when it comes to offering time.

Don't even get me started on your approval of castration. History is FILLED with that scheme never working out the way it's expected. But then, I'm sure you are already knew that. ;-)

Sheila, Maybe best to just ignore the neg comments and not give in to the general peoples opinions. I'm not sticking up for Darwin, heck no, I hate the guy and hate is a strong word. But you would appear better off being a mystery and not trying defend a bunch of bull. Take care.

Then why did it take you so long to say something. If it was my kid I would of said something right away. Sounds funny to me..

Are you seriously suggesting that the victim's mother did something wrong here?

I dislike all of the sex offenders and I know Darwin and I know how disgusting he is. Yes I talk down about all of them they all should rot in prison but Darwin should never have been walking the streets since this is not his first time. You say don't judge but when someone commits a crime and decides the law does not apply to them and they go to court are they not judged by a jury of their peers, well guess what we're his peers and we are judging, and you know what else, he's guilty and should live out the rest of his life in prison

People like YOU are the exact reason victims dont like to come forward! you doubt that this happened yet its happened MANY times since the 80s or before and he keeps getting out of it somehow. IF it were ONE time i would wait and see what came of it before judging. But really??? 8+ times? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I dont feel bad for anyone except the victims and the silent ones who refuse to come out about molestation cause of people like YOU! Sticking up for a repeated sex offender is nice of you. no name? HA! figured you wouldnt list one. Are you also a sex offender? what prompts you to defend a repeated sex offender? family? either way, I hope he rots in a prison cell and then of course HELL! which is exactly what hes put these victims through. How dare you to judge the victims yet tell us not to judge the repeated offender. yes, he looks super innocent doesnt he? We are fully entitled to WORRY ABOUT HIM as he keeps molesting CHILDREN in our community!!! If you really think we shouldnt worry about sex offenders who repeatedly offend please tell me you are opening your doors to them all.

I'm not sticking up for him by no means at all . You do the crime pay the time easy as that. You all b--ch about the D.A. Letting him off . Then why do you vote for that D.A. then. If I knew that happened to my kid I would not of waited 2 1/2 years to say something would you of course not. There are more one Darwins in this town and in every town. Who do I blame for this .... The court system is to blame. Fix that problem and our kid will be a lot safer.

That's the reason hes been able to keep molesting children. Because too many ppl worry about their own lives and don't want to be realistic and stand up for someone else when somethings wrong. I think everyone should know what a sick pedafile this guy is, as well as all of the pedafiles. None of them should ever get away with what they have done, and Im sorry but ppl that comment and say, "don't judge because some day you will be judged" is just ridiculous. No one person can honestly say that they have never judged a single person in their life. And quite honestly sick, twisted, pedofiles deserved to be judged. Just like if I did something wrong, I would expect to be judged. One thing that should NEVER be tolerated or brushed to the side is child molestation. Any one who commits this crime should be punished to the highest measures.

Is this the guy who owned the bar Heather Szekeres was last seen at???

Is this the guy who owned the bar Heather Szekeres was last seen at?!?!


Repeated sexual assault of the same child how the hell was he able to be around your child and why is he not a registered sex offender this is the fault of the parents of the child as much as is the fault of the offender as well as the county court system for letting him live near a school

Yes, she disappeared from the bar.

I've known Darwin since the 80's.. I even gave him the benefit of the doubt when he turned to Jesus (Late 80's/Early 90's) .. I am a firm believer that you are innocent until proven guilty, but SOMETHING should have been done by about the 3rd or 4th offense... I also don't understand why Uttke keeps winning elections..

Yes. She disappeared from the Final Lap.

Everyone needs to just shut the h-ll up. You dont know his case. You dont know the facts so dont stick ur nose in it. He isnt a child molester. Shawano county is just a corrupt county. He is innocent. He has proof

Tyler your being ridiculous. If he wasn't your father would you still believe what he says to you? Do you think the child of any sex offender, better yet the children of murderers always say "it was him he's a monster take him away!" No because if it was that easy there wouldn't be any monsters left on the streets. If you don't think that he has manipulates you and everyone around him to protect him no matter what, then I guess he got you too. This man, your father TRIED TO SLEEP WITH ME WHEN I WAS FIFTEEN!!! This happened Tyler. And if you don't believe even me, then I guess theres no hope for u either... I'll tell your grandma u say hi...


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