Peaceful Valley pavilion, planned for 2015, will enhance downtown

By this time next year, Antigo skaters may be enjoying some new indoor ice in an outdoor setting.

Planning is quietly continuing for the new Peaceful Valley pavilion, and one potential use for the all-season structure would be as a covered ice skating rink, maybe connected to the park’s warming house and outdoor rink by ice pathways.

“We already have a rink dthere,” Sarah Repp, the city’s director of parks and recreation, said. “We could create an entire skating hub, connected by ice paths.”

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


So you might as well figure $ 225,000.00 to put this up,, Hmmm ,,, Boy this is really going to brighten this town up and make people and businesses to flock to this HOLE of a town.... Funny to see AGAIN how the Economic Development Agency and City itself work together "hand in hand" behind close doors, NOT to help the future of this town. Reminds me of a story

This is a true load crap. Or in other words BS. Many small businesses that I know of through out the past 5 years have tried to get economic loans through Chris Berry and the business group members and have FAILED because of any insignificant things that could be found on them. Many of these businesses would of actually hired people and Chris Berry and the members knew this first hand. But the money always went to people with pull in this town and also tavern owners. If no one believes this, check out where this money/loans are going. It is info open to the public. This town is frozen in time 1800's. And it will never change. One business I spoke to said that one of the board members "" Chad Matuezewski from the credit union at the time"" did everything possible to make sure they did not get an economic loan. And Chad is the one who got FIRED from Co Vantage for moving money around and messing with accounts. This guy was on the board,, REALLY. And he also never got jailed for his doings at co vantage. That says a lot for the economic development committee and all its people including Chris Berry. What an embarrassment and dam shame what these people have done to this county and good businesses trying to start up and hire people. All you people should be ashamed. And all the businesses that tried to get a loan when Chad and Chris was on the board should have their loans REVIEWED and given the money to actually make a change in this dump of a city. To bad all these people trying to get loans were treated like a common criminal by the people on the economic board. Especially when people like Chad was a criminal himself.

There have been many businesses that wanted to move into town and or checked this town out to start a business. For example. Around 1990 on the Front page of the Daily Journal there was a huge write up and picture of 2 caterpillars sitting along side a huge pile of dirt and people from Fabco and this town in the picture. I believe the headlines where, groundbreaking for new Fabco plant. Now Fabco is huge and would of brought jobs and more businesses to this town. All of a sudden the city "certain people" had many issues with them coming in to town. They basically got railroaded out of town by all these certain surprise issues that came up,, HUH.. And Fabco is only one of about 2 dozen large companies that wanted to locate here in the past 20 years. So yes,, make some more sidewalks,, build an ice skating park, paint fire hydrant, and make sure you keep businesses from coming here and by all means, DO NOT help any existing businesses in this town either.. force them out. So Yes,, There is plenty of existing info showing what certain cliques "people" have done to ruin this town

the potato farmers(Mad Dicks) rule this town with an iron fist. They don't want their property taxes going up on their thousands of acres of land.

I love this write up.. Good job :)
What the hell were we paying the former "leaders" for? Was it not their job to know the projected time when improvements were needed? Didn't they pass the rainwater runoff tax because whichever people were sucking pay and benefits in the position that would have overseen upgrades to the storm sewer system did nothing. The city used to have around 10k for population now that is down by almost 2k. So it is not increased demand that is the issue that is for certain. It seems at least in Antigos case the people throughout the years that took up those positions just wanted the pay and bennies and did nothing to actually earn them. We aren't talking about trying to project a huge population boom to our area where it could then be argued that it wasn't foreseen and the system is now under sized. As for your statement that Antigo is in better shape than other cities it's size. It damn well had better be if you are just going to keep making up some other tax every time some incompetent fool downtown forgets to do their job.

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