Council approves walks, firefighter pact

With a bit of dissension, the Antigo Common Council Wednesday took the initial steps toward repairing sidewalks downtown, and adding a new link to the city’s northside walking trail.

At its regular monthly meeting, aldermen voted 5-3 to levy special assessments for driveway approaches as part of new sidewalks on the west side of Langlade Road from the 900 to 1000 block.

The matter will now moved forward to a public hearing.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


Phil Beck is idiot

It has been told to me that along 10th by the high school where the new sidewalks went in a few years back that the people living along that route don't have to shovel their own walks that it is being done for them at taxpayer expense? Is this the case? Could someone weigh in on this topic please? If it is the case the people of Antigo need to address this matter and put it to a halt. Everyone else in town has to maintain their own walks. How do these people get away with it if indeed this is the case?

This is not the case, please contact City hall to verify, the owners of each one of those sidewalks is responsible for there own portion, I heard that some of them didn't like it but the City wanted the students and adults to be safe so that's why that put those sidewalks in.

Thank you for your reply. Good to hear.

This is a true load crap. Or in other words BS. Many small businesses that I know of through out the past 5 years have tried to get economic loans through Chris Berry and the business group members and have FAILED because of any insignificant things that could be found on them. Many of these businesses would of actually hired people and Chris Berry and the members knew this first hand. But the money always went to people with pull in this town and also tavern owners. If no one believes this, check out where this money/loans are going. It is info open to the public. This town is frozen in time 1800's. And it will never change. One business I spoke to said that one of the board members "" Chad Matuezewski from the credit union at the time"" did everything possible to make sure they did not get an economic loan. And Chad is the one who got FIRED from Co Vantage for moving money around and messing with accounts. This guy was on the board,, REALLY. And he also never got jailed for his doings at co vantage. That says a lot for the economic development committee and all its people including Chris Berry. What an embarrassment and dam shame what these people have done to this county and good businesses trying to start up and hire people. All you people should be ashamed. And all the businesses that tried to get a loan when Chad and Chris was on the board should have their loans REVIEWED and given the money to actually make a change in this dump of a city. To bad all these people trying to get loans were treated like a common criminal by the people on the economic board. Especially when people like Chad was a criminal himself

I agree. I've been living in this town for literally my entire life and the city board chooses to spend money on things like cobblestone crosswalks and vintage looking streetlamps near the hospital instead of helping keep the elementary schools open or repairing the image and functionality of our downtown. i swear this city is dieing right along with the baby boom generation and soon its going to be just a lot of empty buildings....

And you are doing what to help, while I realize that no one including myself is perfect if we all work together to better out community instead of just complain it may become a better community.

you sir, are delusional...

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