John Hunter receives sentence for drug running

John Hunter was sentenced in federal court yesterday on drug charges relating to the Antigo drug ring that involved teachers, coaches and a former principal.

He had been charged in Langlade County with 26 counts of manufacturing or delivering cocaine and 24 counts of manufacturing or delivering marijuana - those charges were dropped when the case was turned over to Federal court.

Hunter pleaded guilty to one federal count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. He was sentenced to 30 months prison and four years of extended supervision.

John Hunter mugshot


Poor fella.

yah, not bad... 30 months prison for a lifetime of drug running.

I thought there was a minimum of 7 years ? what happened to that?

Even though it's a minimum, I think they use the extended supervision/probation with it. So, 30 months plus 48 months extended, that's 6 1/2 years, probably close enough to 7.

Seems excessive. Didn't some thief just get 3 months for stealing $100k from their employer? That seems 10 times worse, not 1/10th as bad.

chances are he turned over names if so he could have avoided minimum sentencing standards. That is in fact why those standards are in place in order to persuade cooperation with authorities and give up higher ranked members of the rings

Ya ya who cares?? He does look doped up in the pic tho haaaahaaaaa

This will make NO difference in supply. Only more income for corrupt criminal justice system.Others will now capitalize. The war on drugs is a failure.

since 1937

what prison does he have to go to? Not maximum security I hope

He gets to sit in federal prison which is way better then regular prision as far as I've seen on documentrys!Wow what happend to the school officials how were they involved that's crazy!

I fear that we will never know the WHOLE story of this case. There has been some pretty big talk (even by the Sheriff) that some major things were happening that were somehow related to Hunter's case. The school officials have pretty much completed their probation terms (ridiculousness). A person has to wonder if they didn't charge the teachers because the Sheriff blurted out too much on the news, trying to look like a big shot (idiot)!

I have tried to have faith that this whole deal would come out, especially since the Feds got involved, but, it sure doesn't seem that way.

No "big" names, and no big "iceberg" have surfaced YET.
Perhaps my faith will be restored soon.

Someone compared this deal with the 80s Mena, Arkansas crap, and maybe it is so but we will probably never know.

I believe that we will see nothing come out of this situation, which is just pathetic. He was charged with delivering cocaine and that is all he gets? I guess it really does matter what your last name is in Langlade county....

victimless crime

He needs to get out soon cause i need to see my sister For as long as i live and if hes not out soon then my sister will go to Mississippi and I won't be able to see her tell he get's out.

Why won't you be able to see your sister?

I've known this man since the early 80s. He's a good man in the sense of a guy who do no one harm. He supplied illegal substances to willful participants and deserves to pay the price for breaking a good law, he deserves no further condemnation. Antigo is a terribly boring place with few prospects for economic progression, and people use the drugs to escape boredom and depression. It deserves sympathy and empathy more than condemnation. I don't look down my nose at small town life, it has many great aspects, but it's tough for people between 20-40 years old to live there and find fulfillment outside of immediate family life. When you get out John I wish you Godspeed and hope to share a beer with you someday and speak of things past.

Very well said....all of it.

it's tough to find fulfillment - really? are you serious?

So, it sounds like you are saying that since there is nothing to do in a small town it's okay that people were bringing in and doing cocaine at the country club. Whatever - that is totally ridiculous!

It it sad that he didn't get a longer sentence if you think about how long he was supplying the cocaine. Defend him all you want, he will always be a drug dealer in my eyes.

Has he even gone to prison yet?

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