What is cost of xmas lights in Antigo & why are they on already?

I noticed while driving through town tonight that the Christmas lights have been turned on already. I am wondering what prompted this? Don't they usually wait until Thanksgiving to turn them on?

How much does it cost? Is it really necessary to have them on now? What is the purpose of this?

In Wausau they have been considering not even having Christmas lights in town due to the cost.

I can understand the mindset of retailers trying to push Christmas on us earlier each year, but, why the lights?


Wow you are a sad miserable person dont bring everyone else down to your level7

who cares! Wausau does have some Christmas lights up already.. So does green nah and Appleton. I like them and it goes with the snow... Better put them up now instead of when it's -20 out!

it seems like this is about turning them on already, not them being put up. Obviously it makes more sense to put them up when the weather is cooperative.

I don't think these are bad questions, I mean, don't taxpayers fit the bill for the electricity being used for the lights... I believe that there was something about this decision that the County Board agreed on in the last few years.

Even though it's not even Thanksgiving, it LOOKS like Christmas. Put your scarecrows and harvest decor away, it simply doesn't fit anymore. Plus Thanksgiving is a little late this year. And I don't know about anyone else, but Christmas lights and decor make me feel so peaceful and happy. Bring it on! I love it! The season is about much more than cost. As a taxpayer myself, that's a cost I'm happy to pay for. Christmas cheer.

First of all yes the City does put them up I believe when it fits into there time frame and as far as cost I'm pretty sure if it cost that much they wouldn't have them on this early but if you or any one was that concerned please call City hall and ask. Happy Thanksgiving to all

The City workers put the lights up. Once they are all up, they have to plug them in to make sure they are all working. They check them before putting them up and change any lights that aren't working. After they have been plugged in, they wait till that night and go around town (on their own time) and write down the locations that aren't working properly. The next day, all repairs are made so they are ready for the night before Thanksgiving. I think our city does a very good job of decorating our town. It is a real plus for our community.

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