Antigo bath salt bust - Sheriff's statement - take with a grain of salt

The recent news report about a huge bath salt bust in Antigo by the Sheriff perhaps should be taken with a grain of salt.

Is this case going to be similar to other instances when Sheriff Greening spouted off and gave statements to the media about the big "iceberg"? The public is given a little bit of info and then we hear nothing about it again.

Not to say that there wasn't a bust, but, we have heard stories from Greening that just never come to fruition. Is this going to be another one?

source article -


does anyone know it is that got busted?

Bed, Baths, and Beyond

who it is - oops

a peanut walked into the police station last night, said "he was a salted"

Just a slap on the hand it all it will turn out to be.

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