Old Whistle Stop bar

I noticed someone bought the old Whistle Stop bar and there is a sign in the window that says Smoking Aces coming soon.

Does anyone know if Smoking Aces is a bar or are they doing something else with the place?


He's reopening it up as Smokey aces bar. Last known opening up Nov. 15th.

My friend tori bought it and he is opening it back up as the smokin aces

When does it open? And who owns it now, will it also have a grill?

this place is going to be run by darwin davis. nuff said.

Isn't he a repeat sex-offender?

For one Darwin Davis does not run the smoking aces bar so please stop acting aND talking like any of you know about anything here

Thank God! We don't need another one of his dumps around here! Good luck to the new business venture!

I heard that it is going to be a gay bar

If it going to be run by Darwin Davis, any money this one goes under like all the others! Pedophile Junction, the one on 5th Ave, the one out on 45 that burned down, the juice bar strip club.....

I won't hide who I am and no Darwin Davis does not run this bar I do so before you all run your mouth learn what is going on

Speaking of Darwin Davis, none of his vehicles/stuff we're outside the registered residence on Elm St. So, did Antigo lose track of a registered sex offender living in their community?

strange, a girl working there told me darwin is in charge even though his name isnt on it. he would have to do it that way considering the city wont allow him or his wife to have a buisness or liquor license...

That's the same did he tried in the Shawano area. After the bar downtown (the one where Darwin "allegedly" sexually assualted the 15 yr old girl in the basement), he rented a supper club on the north side of Shawano Lake in his son's name. But, Darwin ran the place. Until the son was arrested twice in 2 months for selling drugs in the bar. Then, it was also shut down too.

Can sexual offenders work at a bar? And if someone else's name is on the liquor license, wouldn't that same person need to be the one to buy the bar. Wouldn't they get in trouble for doing that. thanks for letting us all know about Darwin. Definitely not going there.

If Darwin insn't involved with the bar, why was he just added by Tori Huffman as the administrator of the facebook group for the bar???

According to Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (Case 2012CF00316), Darwin is currently out on bond with certain restrictions. The restrictions are no contact with any females under the age of 18 & absolute sobriety. He has already been arrested a second time for possession. So, if you want him out of your community, keep your eyes open. Technically, if he is having a drink at the bar, he is breaking the conditions of his bond. Have him arrested again. Sooner or later, his mother will stop posting his bail

Yes, why is Darwin the admin on your FB page and why was he introduced to people as your business partner??
And seriously, when is Darwin gonna get a clue? How many bars have you not been able to make work??? If you were all that, you'd have a bar that was up, running and prospering. What a POS!

Awefully quiet on your end there Tori.......

Looks like more than 1 registered sex offender is associated with the Smoking Aces Bar now. I just saw that Rich Hipke posted a beer-pong and quarters tournament at the bar next weekend on the facebook page.

Have you any idea what the details of his case were? No? Well, then look at the other evidence. If Hipke's case had anything to do with children then neither one of his children's mother's would allow him anywhere near the girls, and his girlfriend wouldn't allow him near her children either. Unfortunately, all Registered Sex Offenders are not created equal, some just got screwed by the system while others actually deserve the title.

Well, I guess the old saying IS true. Swine smell out their own kind.

When i was fifteen my mom took me to Darwins bar. She got drunk and around one paid Darwin himself to give me a "safe ride home" Within minute of getting in the car Darwin was asking me if it was "a bad thing" that he thought i was sexy, and that "its okay if we dont tell anyone".Long story short i jumped out of the car at a stop sign several blocks from and i thank god to this day that nothing worse happened to me that night...Also the quotes are direct quotes of what he said to me...

Maybe you should call the district attorney in Shawano County. According to Wisconsin CCAP, Darwin's latest case is scheduled for early March. They might want to hear your experiences with him, too.

It took a lot of courage for you to tell us the story about your contact with Darwin Davis. Thank you for sharing with us. With his current court case coming up in Shawano County (Repeated 2nd degree sexual assault of a child), I strongly suggest any person with an unfortunately similar run-in with this guy to contact the Shawano County DA's office. Your voice needs to be heard to ensure there will be no more victims. Please be strong and make the call.

it happened more than seven years ago, statute of limitations is long passed

It would help if his attorney tries to tell the court that this was an isolated incident. It backs up the argument of a predatory pattern.

ARRESTED!!! No Surprise. According to Wisconsin Circuit Court Access, Darwin Davis was arrested again and charged with 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child. This time his bond was set at $150,000.

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