Sheriff's Race Close - Greening Wins

The race for Langlade County Sheriff was close, but, William Greening the Democratic incumbent has won.

The news reports that the total votes were 8,368. Greening got 51% with 4,268 votes. Joe Stegall, the Republican opponent got 49% with 4,100 votes.


That's too bad. I hope that Joe will run again next time around...

Joe truly gave Greening a run for his money! I really hope this election has opened his eyes and he starts to fix the problem areas in the department. Nobody likes dirty sneaky cops!

The mentality of the people in this county scares me. That Stegall received so many votes being so ill qualified for the position appears we are a county of hicks as opposed to an educated public.

...Or maybe the people of this county are trying to fix it considering that greening didnt fire his deputy after finding out, with indisputable proof, that said deputy was sexting teenagers, or didnt fire a officer that allowed a drunk teen to drive away from a party, resulting in the death of two teens. Greening has spent his time in office ignoring the people that truely need help while persecuting petty non violent criminals and calling it justice. This town is sick, and it starts at the top.

Hopefully the sheriff realizes how many votes the other guy got because obviously it's a clear message that there's a lot of people unhappy with his job

Something does not add up. I guess I would get a recount . Very strange how this town never changes and certain people including the DA just keep getting in. Greening has not fixed much of anything the past terms he has had . Drugs , crime and peoples attitudes towards him has really gotten worse. Nothing changes for the good, but himself as some others always seem to squeeze their way in. The only thing these people actually do is talk, lie, cover up and look pretty for pictures in the paper. Very odd to many many people

Dear baffled,
Greening has experience and look how far that has got him, he should really take a look at how many votes he didn't recieve and see just exactly whats going wrong. Officer Tainter for one! He is one sneaky man. Many of his officers as well as others in the department did not vote for him. That should tell most what a crappy job he is doing.

Nothing like calling out an officer who most likely was doing his job. Wonder what he stopped you for.
I find it interesting that you know exactly how people voted. Are you a fly on the wall in every voting booth? Speculation gets you nowhere. I give you credit for creativity.
Pretty sure the no votes against Greening was a statement of their dislike for his job performance. Stegall appeared to be the lesser of two evils. Not the chosen one to save the masses.

People had the chance to elect the right person into the Sheriff's Office in the primary, That guy would have made the difference we were looking for and he was more than qualified to do the job. It's sad there was such a low voter turnout in the primary. Joe Stegall should have stayed out of it. He was just a pawn for Greening. A lot people were asked to vote for Stegall so Greening didn't have to run against Wurtinger in general. It's scary to see someone with no experience or law enforcement training almost won. I agree with what people are saying, Greening needs to get his head out of his a** and find some ambition and balls to do what he is being paid to do.

It is people like you that are making this country the place it has become

Hey CommonSense, why does it bother you so that they voiced their opinion? Oh wait, it doesn't agree your small mindedness. I bet you believe ignorance is bliss, don't you.

Are you high? That guys ideas reminded me what it would be like if Greening and Bauknecht had a love child lol! 4,100 persons in this county don't agree that Stegall should have stayed out of it. Hope he runs next time around. Because clowns like you will have a stroke when he gets in. Douche bag Greening didn't get elected Sheriff his first go round either.

Get a clue....The only reason Stegall made it in the primary was because of crossover voting. People who wanted Greening voted for Stegall because he was the weaker candidate. Stegall got 4100 votes because people don't like Greening. A monkey could have ran and got the same amount of votes. Stegall took advantage of a situation and it almost worked out for him....THIS TIME. Stegall didn't win, did he? 4268 people felt he wasn't the man for the job! Now we are stuck with Greening! Stegall didn't win this time and he won't win next time. There will be different candidates running for that office and Stegall won't make it out of the gate.

I am glad not everybody in this county is as stupid as you are. I would bet that you are a liberal

He had the past 8 yrs to do so, what would make you (or anybody else that voted for him) think that he would do something different now?? He's being paid to do nothing and also asking for a raise so he can now spend his next 4 yrs as sheriff then retire, I'm sure his biggest and main concern now are really the people of Langlade county. I think it's more like people of Langlade county get your heads out of your a$$e$. Too many people with an education let their egos get in the way of "doing the right thing" and unfortunately now too many people also let what somebody has on paper make up their mind about a person instead of who is in front of them trying to make things better.

What's the matter CommonSense? Truth Hurt?

At least the other guy had ideas. As for being high, pretty much all of those who voted for Stegall were. That's who he is most comfortable being around and if you promise to not bother the potheads they will believe your bull. Hmm..not about to uphold the law, is he? Stegall never had an original thought on his own, he needed to hear someone else's to finally have a clue.

You sir or ma'am are a full blown retard. So your assertion is that he "promised" to leave the potheads alone? I'm sure you have factual proof of that accusation to post it here? As for your other statement " As for being high, pretty much all of those who voted for Stegall were." So you are asserting that half of the available voters that cast votes in this election smoke pot? I doubt it but if 4,100 people out of 8,300 voters are pot smokers maybe it's indeed time to change the laws. Finally to answer your opening question " who's the idiot?" It would most definitely be yourself. Thanks for playing the home game.

What i find funny is that youre worried about pot heads.. You must be some sort of stupid. Forget about the bath salt freaks out there, oh and our past judge that loved his cocaine as well as others. Never did any paper,tv station or even greening bring up that he was going to leave pot heads alone. Wouldn't you think, if thats indeed what he stated it more than likely would of been brought to everyones attention?

"Never did any paper,tv station or even greening bring up that he was going to leave pot heads alone. Wouldn't you think, if thats indeed what he stated it more than likely would of been brought to everyones attention?*

Funny Stegall didn't mention anything about enforcing marijuana laws in any of his ads. He did however talk about bath salts, meth and heroin though. I am thinking there is some validity to *whos the idiot* post. Antigo is not a large community. You start telling people what they want to hear in attempts to gain their vote and those things are going to get repeated. Keeping the cops out of White Lake and Squads are not to patrol areas of Bars just to name a few. Yeah Okay....we do live in a society you know.

Hey....How about having an inmate shoveling sidewalks for the elderly. Yeah that's what I want....some piece of sh*t hanging around my grandmother's house. The best one is "I am not a politician" Your running for an elected position aren't you? What does that make you? A POLITICIAN!

I as a parent are far less concerned with "pot heads" than some crazy walking around on bath salts, meth, cocaine or any other major drug. I am glad someone finally wanted to try and get the big drugs off the streets instead of wasting tax payers dollars getting 300.00 dollars worth of pot. Cops have always been in White Lake and around bars, etc.. Nobody minds them, however when you have sneaky cops as Tainter it starts to get a little out of hand. For a cop to sit on top of bars with his lights off, follow people until he "finds a reason" and than manages to loose the tape of eveidence is just to much. He has said many times he plans to make Langlade county his little Alaska. He is not a cop that i want my children to look up to! Whats the difference if a inmate shovels a driveway? How many of those inmates have huber and you encounter them at different jobs. You wouldn't know the difference either way. Instead of slamming a man we has tried to change the things that are wrong, maybe just keep it to yourself. You think greening is a perfect mold of what a sherriff should be? If so, many people are laughing with you.

As a law abiding citizen and a strong dislike for drug dealers, I am far more concerned about the pot. You see pot falls into the category of illegal drugs along with meth, heroin cocaine. Drugs are drugs. That's like saying stealing $5.00 dollars apposed to $1000.00 isn't so bad because $5.00 dollars isn't a lot of money. Drugs are drugs and stealing is stealing.

Difference between an inmate shoveling driveways or sidewalks means that inmate is on my property which now gives that person opportunity. There are not shoveling out of the goodness of their heart, they are doing it to get out of jail. Doing it for a cigarette. Not saying all inmates are bad but they are in jail for a reason. Out of sight out of mind.

As far as Tainter, doesn't sound like he loses a lot of court cases. Judge and Jury must be corrupt too. huh?

You never explained why you are far more concerned about pot than meth, heroin and cocaine.

no kidding, if your afraid of pot heads, you'd better leave antigo...and don't go to white lake either lol...

Lets put you in a room full of meth, bath salt and coc addicts and see just what happens. might get your face or arm bit off, crap kicked out of you.. who knows. Put you in a room full of the horrible pot heads and what happens. Munchies, laughs and video games or movie. Youre right, pot is so much worse. Not to mention when a person on salts, meth or coc is out and need more they will go to any extent to get it.. Pot heads usually fall asleep. Well for sure he has lost 5 drunk driving that i know of for sh-tty or lack of eveidence.

My family member started experimenting with pot. Over time he moved up to cocaine among other things. It ruined his life. He overdosed twice. You will never convince me pot is harmless.

You talk out the side of your neck. So let me get this correct. At one time your "family member" experimented with pot. (nothing happened to them) Later they moved on to Cocaine (not because the pot made them) and they o.d.'d twice ( Cocaine can kill you) "You will never convince me pot is harmless" So your "family member" flops twice because of Cocaine and you extrapolate that into pot isn't harmless??? Do they even teach critical thinking in school anymore? Did you graduate? Here is basically what you just typed : I had a family member eat Oranges a couple times. A couple years later he ate Poison Ivy. You'll never convince me Oranges aren't bad. For Christs sake people shut off the television and think before you type or talk. Smh!!!

I don't have a crayon so I will try to say this at a 3rd grade level for you. He started with the pot. The guy (DRUG DEALER) he was getting it from convinced him to try cocaine. More addicting and more money. If it wasn't for the pot, he wouldn't have been there in the 1st place. You should pull your head out of your a** maybe that would improve your shi**y outlook on life!

Again you have shown yourself to be one dumb sob. Your statement that you conveniently ducked this time around is that "you'll never convince me pot is safe" after somehow trying to tie it to your relatives Cocaine o.d. In none of your statements does it show any danger by consuming "pot". If "pot" which doesn't harm anyone was legal he also would not have been there. Again it isn't the plants fault that your relative od'd twice. You talk in circles like the idiot that you are. While I would agree that the "dealer" and Cocaine were the problem. Your trying to blame both of those on "pot" is just plain stupid. By all means though. Keep operating on that 3rd grade level of yours. I doubt you could soar much higher than that.

Marijuana comes from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. It has an active ingredient called THC that makes you feel high. THC and other compounds in marijuana can also affect the way your body works.

Most people smoke the plant's dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds. But marijuana can also be mixed into food (like brownies, cookies, and lollipops), brewed as a tea, or inhaled with a vaporizer.

No matter how it gets into your system, it affects almost every organ in your body, and your nervous system and immune system, too. When you smoke pot, your body absorbs THC right away. (If you eat a baked good or another item, it may take much longer for your body to absorb THC, because it has to break down in your stomach before it enters your bloodstream). You may notice changes in your body right after you smoke. The effects usually stop after 3 or 4 hours.

Smoking pot can increase your heart rate by as much as two times for up to 3 hours. That’s why some people have a heart attack right after they use marijuana. It can increase bleeding, lower blood pressure, and affect your blood sugar, too.

We don’t yet know if marijuana is linked to higher odds of getting lung cancer. But the process does irritate your lungs -- which is why regular pot smokers are more likely to have an ongoing cough and to have lung-related health problems like chest colds and lung infections.

Last I checked your opinion cited above was called plagiarism. At least cite your source next time you decide to copy web md word for word. lol! How original of you!!!

A little more reading for you:

Have a great evening. Seeing as your citing of web md shows you know little if anything about Cannabis. I'd suggest some actual research and reading. Instead of searching for bias to support your flawed position.

We'll then he's just an idiot. Not everyone who smokes pot resorted to coke lol . Or this town would be full of coke heads. You should be more worried about the real criminals in this town. An what they are doing is far worse then a little pot

In fact, alcohol is the true gateway drug. Some slaves accept being slaves and actually find a good place in the plantation telling on those learning to read or planning to runaway. Those posting the cannabis propaganda should learn to read.

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