Greening earns third term as sheriff after tense election night showdown

A confident but somewhat tentative gathering of family, friends and fellow law enforcement officers were at Fifth Avenue Restaurant and Lounge Tuesday evening to await the election returns. Bill Greening was seeking his third term as sheriff of Langlade County.

It was a tense and thrilling night for both Greening and his opposition, Joe Stegall of Bryant, as the men continued to exchange leads as the evening advanced, ending with Greening in the lead by 168 votes.

The incumbent finished with 4,268 votes to Stegall’s 4,100.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


Greening is quoted saying something about "doing the right thing" - yeah, doing the right thing would be for him to RESIGN!!

Sounds like the exact same story written when Brandt was almost ousted and "won" by 13 or so votes. I also find it funny how the first 3 updates to the news station had Stegall up by 6 votes the first report 5 votes then 2nd update and 1 vote by the 3rd upadate. Then on the 4th update Greening takes the lead by a hundred or more votes. So Bill Greening are you going to investigate Officer Jason Just? Yeah I didn't think so...

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