Local teen beats boy with baseball bat, marijuana cited as reason

An Antigo teen is hospitalized with a head wound and another is in jail following a beating which police blame on a $100 drug deal.

Chief Eric Roller advised today that the 17-year-old suspect was caught and has since confessed to striking his 16-year-old victim with a baseball bat during an encounter early Monday night in the vicinity of the Spring Brook walking trail near North Elementary School.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


Wow!! A drug deal for $100 dollars, keep these kids off the damn streets. They need some guidence at home!

Hey man , thats not he was raised properly , im his brother and me and my family are Christians .. he refused tontake on that lifestyle , but he doesn't deserve prison , and the other kid didn't b deserve to be neglected as a person .. but it happened .. but dylan isnt that bad of a person .. hes just misguided .

im his brother too Dylan is a good but like my older brother said he his misguided We Are Christians and we believe in forgiveness so forgive him he has mental issues

No I don't understand why every one gossips on this and some people are being irrelevant . The bible says to forgive and he does have discipline at home he just disobeys so learn he's a good kid.

The red bulbous nosed WC Fields looking newspaper owner, who is limping prematurely, aged from stupid nutrition choices, has really embarrassed us, by printing this propaganda. As if marijuana is the problem. Without prohibition, this and the majority of crimes would be gone and our low IQ toads profiteering law enforcement and court members would be left with nothing to do. Prohibition of this sacred healing free miracle of nature is the real crime the true problem. The sociopath minds and those they pollute with their propaganda are the real criminals. More income for the crooks more propaganda against this priceless wonder of nature. This is the final straw, I will no longer buy or read WC Fields' (Fred's) embarrassment to news. That our community is full of brain damaged by alcohol tobacco pills and stupid food choices is because of alcohol and now drug prohibition. The war on drugs may well be called the war on citizens smart enough to know the truth. I mean it. I will never buy or read this garbage newspaper again. Run by WC Fields and Aileen Wuornos lookalikes ( Fred and Lisa) brain damaged by alcohol and garbage food.http://www.leap.cc/

I am sickened that anyone thinks it is OK to stalk and beat another person with a bat. This is not about some small town newspaper and legalizing marijuana.

No one, no one has the right to beat someone else with a bat from behind regardless of the reasons. Ever

No one has the right to steal from another either. Apparently the "victim" and I do use that loosely in this case did not grasp that particular concept.

Kid got beat on the principal of life skills that apparently he lacks, but on bright side Drs can MRI his brain on how a louisville slugger causes concussions

What would you say if there was no money owed? What if he did it cuz some other kidkid said he wanted him to do it cuz he didn't like him?
is that a reason to hit someone in the head twice with a baseball bat and twice in the ribs hard enough that he still suffers from post concussion syndrome. Loss of short term memory, loss of some cognitive abilities. REALLY?
Maybe am mri can show how some people have no thought to other people's well being.
Just saying

Oh no the land of what if's Like what if the "victim" wasn't a thief? But he was. Your list of bunk: post concussion syndrome, loss of short term memory, and loss of some cognitive abilities sounds like people stroking the situation for all it's worth to me. Guess what don't steal from people and you won't put yourself in danger of getting a bat upside your dome. The End.

@ Tina: This is not a stalking case. There is nothing here to suggest it is a stalking case. Nothing here suggests anybody thinks it is OK to beat a person with a bat. This is a battery case nothing more. The way the Antigo Urinal claims '' marijuana cited as reason" plays into your low IQ gullibility, should be pointed out. Prohibition and the batter's personality are what this battery case is about. Tina, you are a devious manipulator equaling the Antigo Daily Urinal. Only in a climate of corrupt cruel prohibition could something like this happen. I am not surprised the brain damaged alcohol and tobacco toads are too cowed to understand this. Thank God sacred cannabis exists to help alleviate the real threats to our kids, alcohol tobacco and prescription pills. Not only is it harmless, it is infinitely beneficial.http://www.alternet.org/drugs/new-study-states-legal-medical-marijuana-s...

WOW - quite the verbal attack skill you have, have you thought about a political career? Your assumptions of me from a very small statement are inaccurate and insulting. As I said before this is not about legalizing marijuana.

It wasn't the newspaper who made it about marijuana. The boy who beat another person said that it was. As for stalking if you know anything about the neighborhood where this occurred you would know you cannot see someone playing basketball at north elementary unless you specifically drive down a dead end road. It could easily be interrpretted as stalking. This is not about the newspaper going on about marijuana. It is about a boy who was seriously injured over a lousy one hundred dollars. How about being angry about that not about an "attack" on your precious but still ILLEGAL drug.

I have to laugh at how a tragic psychotic episode like this can be morphed into the legalization of marijuana... Really? Are people that desperate to link this to their cause? All I can say is wow! This violent youth better be put away for a long time because if they slap him on the wrist he will kill someone.

For the record, The Antigo Daily Journal printed the headline'' marijuana cited as reason." Neuroscience explains that perhaps only 2% of us are interested in facts. There is no stalking. READ the original Antigo Journal story. This is a battery that some desperate losers turned into a marijuana smear campaign.If it grew natural as nature designed. not enslaved by sadistic sociopath personalities, this never would have happened. The batterer's personality is responsible, not marijuana. Apparently you fools either did not read the story or ignored the facts to support your dinosaur beliefs.Anybody who actually believes marijuana is the reason is beyond reach brain damaged by alcohol thanks to the failed prohibition.Marijuana can help heal the alcohol tobacco and prescription pill damage.

http://video.wpt.org/video/2365169818/ This explains how your brain filters out the true facts, ignores science to support your program ( brain wash). To print a headline " marijuana cited as reason" is like printing a headline '' god cited as reason" for the millions and millions tortured and slain in rape and pillage of war." I doubt there are many out there reading this that actually believe a species of plant is the reason this kid battered the other.

"Man charged with rape, woman cited as reason." Women are evil and should never have been granted rights. They should be property like during biblical times. Granting women rights is as against god as legalizing marijuana.

For someone bringing up biblical times you should be sure you have your facts straight. Woman was created to be man's "companion" not his "property". And saying women are "evil" is beyond low. Men women and even children deserve rights.

I don't condone hitting anyone with a bat unless your life is actually in danger. But a better title would have been " Local teen beats boy with bat. Stealing from teen cited as reason. "

The field of psychology/ psychiatry is not very old. Freud ,the father of psychoanalysis, began his career treating women for HYSTERIA. At that time it was not a crime to beat or rape women and children. Naturally, a percentage of them had hysterical reaction. Today, the same personalities, who use plant prohibition as rationale to rape, find that, like a scientific experiment, a small percentage have this reaction. When raping other beings, whether for gender,race ,or ''prohibition" reasons, these PERSONALITIES get extra gratification by blaming the victim. A certain percentage of personalities accept their rationale.

WOW. Where do you people get these warped ideas? Women should have no rights? Rape and battery and legalizing a plant? The newspaper is evil? I live very near where this all happened. Shouldn't the bigger concern here be that what was once a quiet little town is too quickly becoming an unsafe place to live.

it's simple as Christians we believe in forgiveness so forgive him I'm his other brother . It not right for him to do this but we believe in forgivness

I'm his brother and we are Christians and we believe in forgiveness . it's not right for him to do it but he has problems he's just misguided

People the bible says to forgive and fyi he does has discipline at home so think before you comment and stop being irrelevant. May god bless you .

This site is a bunch of butt. Things like this (and worse) happen everyday. People must learn to respect other's property. Going back to AD people were crucified for stealing. LEGALIZE IT MAN, peace out.

SMDH you all never cease to amaze me. A person with mental problems oftentimes does not have the filters that the rest of us do to differentiate between right and wrong. Impulse control is something they often lack as well. He saw someone that (he thought) wronged him and did what his brain thought best. Doesn't matter whether it was marijuana or his damned skateboard, what matters is that he should be getting help from the system, not more screwed up by being sent to prison and taken advantage of there.

I Wont touch them inless its 500 and above.

To all of those who think Freddie Burner isn't trying to warp people's minds, let's not forget how much was covered up in the drug bust with the teachers a couple years ago. While the crimes this kid committed were indeed terrible, this town will take any chance they get to throw in "pot is evil", etc. The truth is, this town is run by what you could call the mob. Freddie Burner, Bill Greening, Ralph Uttke... the list goes on. This town is so broken, it isn't even funny. I hope this kid gets some help for his anger, jail ain't the place for him. Counsoling and anger management is what this kid needs, not jail time. This town thinks jail is the answer for everything, on the contrary, jail should be used as a last resort.

I'm the brother of the victim, I respect your families views on forgiveness, however I do not share those values. I honestly hope your brother spends the next couple decades in the state prison system. You have to factor in 3 things with sentencing, 1. punishing the person responsible, 2. repaying victim for damages, 3. setting an example for people who might do the same.
If we let him go with a light sentence, whats going to stop someone else from doing the same thing?
the 2nd thing isn't a huge deal as the insurance company paid for it all, and they will probably just end up suing him.
I think the best thing in this situation (trying as hard as I can to remain unbiased in this, but it is difficult) would be for Dylan to spend at least the next 10-15 years of his life in prison. That way the next person that gets this idea to take a bat to a 16 year olds head, they will think twice.

Pot meet kettle. Make sure and be as hard on your estimation of your thief brother. If he wasn't ripping people off he wouldn't have gotten hit. By what I've read he is a thief who got hit with a bat. Unless you can prove different. Not the same as a true victim. Although he shouldn't have been hit in the head with a bat. He brought the situation on himself. He wasn't just going about his business and some stranger attacked him with a bat. He in some form stole the other guys weed and thought he would get away without paying him. If you are gonna get up on your soapbox campaigning to have someone lose 10-15 years of their life make sure to be just as hard on your sorry a$$ thieving brother. You stated that if we let him go with a light sentence, whats going to stop someone else from doing the same thing? Well then when your brother gets off for stealing from someone with no time I guess that shows others they can rob people too by your logic? Better put your bro in jail for robbery or theft then. Don't want to go light on him do ya? Pot meet kettle indeed.

That is an interesting assessment of my views, however from the sounds of it, you are buddies with this dylan kid? Doesn't matter, attacking someone with a bat is uncalled for. I would have been ok with this whole situation if he had just gotten an -ss whooping for stealing dudes sh-t... This level of response (using a bat) is uncalled for, it could have permanently damaged him for life. Over 100 dollars worth of pot? come on guy.
If you really think that is ok, then do me a favor. Don't. Breed. Ever.

Dylan is a coward for what he did. Plain and simple. He will go to prison. He will have a rough time. If the justice system is just he will not see daylight for a few decades at least. Get your head around those things, because very soon they will become facts that you, as his friend/brother will have to accept.

Two wrongs don't make a right man. Dylan is going to prison. Regardless of his reason for doing it.

There is no Pot meet Kettle here. If they can prove that he stole from them, more than just word-of-mouth stuff, then yes, I would support them charging my brother as well. I have not seen a shred of prof that says he stole anything. Yet the Hospital records, witness accounts, personal experience I know for a fact that dylan hit him with that bat. There is a difference, try and use common sense next time bud. Might get your further...

I don't know this Dylan guy or your damn brother. If you think anyone is going to prison for decades for hitting someone much less a thief with a bat you would have to be at the very least mildly retarded. Your parents should have followed your advice and not bred. But alas it's too late. Smh!

You honestly think that the DA or the judge factor in who the victim is in an assault case? You think their thought process goes: "Ok we have this kid that assaulted another kid with a baseball bat, oh look, he did it because the kid stole 100 bucks from his friend, that kind of makes it ok, we can go easy on the kid"

Yet you call me retarded?

There are only a few circumstances that would warrant this kind of assault, and theft of 100 bucks is not one of them. Honestly if you think that it is ok for someone to bash in a 16 year old kids head with a baseball bat then you should also follow my advice and not breed. The world has enough ignorant sheep, it doesn't need anymore.

I don't really think he will end up with a sentence as stiff as decades in prison (if the system was truly just, he would spend the rest of his life there, but that is my opinion) honestly, he will (most likely) end up with either a very small prison sentence (2 to 5 years) or some county time, probation, and anger management.

From my standpoint I would like to see the kid get decades, but honestly this town is f--ked (throwing pot offenders in prison, while giving sex offenders 60 days and time served) and will probably let the damn kid off with an easy sentence.


chances are good nothing will happen. uttke (DA) charges with crime, boy or whoever pleads innocent. I want a jury trial. uttke says ok status conference in a month. lawyer says not guilty a month later. uttke lowers the charge. pleads not guilty again. ok. status conference in another month or so. not guilty plea-- I want a jury trial. uttke lowers charge. well, if he doesn't do anything in the next 6 months, probation for a year, slap on the wrist & away you go. this is no bull. watch the papers & see. I have personally seen it happen to a guy who should have been charged with attempted murder.

It is unfortunate that a young man fell victim to battery. The fact that the headline read marijuana cited as a reason disturbs me though. While the hundred dollars in question was in trade for marijuana, the aggressor still committed battery. This could have happened when $100 was up for trade for any item. From a sociological a d psychological perspective I would blame the entire environment he lives in. This boy believes endangering and interfering with a persons life is the way to get an extra Hundred bucks, no matter what he was peddling. I am no activist to either side, but I do not believe marijuana was the reason this happened, though it was present. I do believe the guy above has a point about people using their power to undermine people's perception of issues and think the headline could have read differently. This didnt have to turn into a big pissing contest, the fact of the matter is there is probably alot more to the story than the police even know. You think they get every detail of what happened, no. And if you think they are all powerful gods that know all, come out of the hole your living in. They do protect our communities, and that is something I cannot thank them enough for, but I guarantee there were other factors at play in this situation. Maybe the kid needed to be taught a lesson, not necessarily with a baseball bat though. People that live these lives of solitude and sheltered from things are so egocentric it's ridiculous. It is truly terrible that a boy got beat with a bat, I will say that, but in light of not being there when it happened I can't say it was just about $100 or the product, marijuana, but instead it could be about principle between the two. I don't care what anyone says whether you live in a conspiracy world or the exact opposite, you need to question things. Don't trust headlines, take them with a grain of salt. Not doing so is pure ignorance to the truth.

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