Sex acts within sight of kids at elementary school

I am shocked and upset that some children at West Elementary school have witnessed people having sex in broad daylight on a trampoline.

The school is not giving out details. The police have been called and are supposed to be dealing with it.

I think parents should be aware of this!


What is wrong with these people!?

I believe you are a trouble maker, Drama Queen, Funny you and/or kid are the only ones to have knowledge of this so please stop There are so many of you Antigo/Drama Queens starting trouble or BS just stop OK lets fix this Beautiful town stop all the Drama Please and False Accusations cause your caught in a Huge lie/Drama OK Just stop before your called out Publically OK

The way you respond makes ME think YOU were on that trampoline....I cant imagine any other reason to jump on someone like that. This response is FULL of DRAMA... sounds like you are the Drama Queen.

Kids.They are so damaged from the many hours of violence and lies on tv and in the newspaper. This is a red herring aimed at the obedient serfs damaged by alcohol tobacco pills and meat/dairy. Stone or lynch the evil criminals the religious folks will shout.

Every channel on TV has the same scenes going on, not a big deal.

To me it WOULD be a big deal, I care about MY child and do NOT allow them to watch that sort of thing on TV. Many parents do NOT allow their children to see that crap, its called SUPERVISION, and YES IT IS A BIG DEAL!!!

Scientists studies conclude: Those who consider themselves unattractive, sexually, find this terrible. Those who consider themselves attractive are not upset. If you are an adequate parent it should not be a problem. The key questionn is did they intentionally cause children to view?

Actually there were several children witness to this trampoline party. It was posted on one of the rummage sale sites and several parents confirmed that their children came home with the same story.

Also confirmed by the principal and police dept 3 girls lied! No boys involved in witnessing and giving DETAILED description as stated on the rummage site. Shame on you people!!!!! Go check out the truth by the proper sources. Three girls lied and the appropriate officials are dealing with them.

Actually, the people I heard it from said that their sons saw it and gave them a description. So maybe you need to check your proper sources. Shame on you.

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