Governor's Race


August 26, 2014

Letter to the Editor
Antigo Daily Journal
612 Superior Street
Antigo, WI 54409

Letter to Editor:

Who Do You Want As Your Governor?

Who would you want to make the right decisions as the Governor of Wisconsin, whether you are a Conservative, Liberal or Independent?

Would you want (Mary Burke): CFO of the Intrepid Corporation, she co-formed; executive at Trek Bicycles, with 1000 Wisconsin Jobs; and with formal completed higher education? Or would you want (Walker): who in 2010 promised to create 250,000 Wisconsin Jobs, but failed; dropped out at Marquette University, with no formal higher education; then went straight into and continues to be a carreer politician?

As a voting senior citizen or even if I was a younger voting citizen I would want the best for all Wisconsinites.

The Sunday, August 17, 2014, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, titled; ‘Decision on Badger Care to cost state $206 million,’ showed the lack knowledge of Wisconsin’s walker; and that he is controlled by his narrow and reactionary philosphy. This figure comes from the Legislation Fiscal Bureau (part of our state government) and respected by both political parties to determine the cost of any legislation.

The article was about Walker (some 26 other republican governors who did the same) not expanding Badger Care under the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). If republicans do not reverse this postion in 2015, then another $261 million will be lost; for a total of $500 million in savings. Besides this loss in savings: another 87,000 Wisconsinites would be covered; and the Badger Care is better and less costly than insurance under the ACA.

These savings could have paid for filling in a lot of the walker potholes in our state and local roads.

Walker rejected the Federal proposal of paying 100% of the health care cost (reduced to 90% in 2020) and instead stayed with the present 60% federal reimbursement. HIS LOGIC is that he could not trust the federal government to reimburse. Walker … why would you ever accept federal funding for roads? Walker’s lack of any experience in the free enterprise job creating or managing a corporation as well as a formal education is really showing.

Mary Burk’s comment in this article tells it all, ‘In the business world, CEO’s get fired for decisions like that. Governor Walker’s politics-first approach has left Wisconsin taxpayers paying the price.’

As a senior citizen we should expect better and more from our governor.

Thank you,

Doug Curler
Langlade County Alliance for Retired Americans


Great job Scott Walker! Thanks for moving Wisconsin Forward again! paid for by The langlade counsel to stop liberals from spreading lies.

I love listening to small-headed Republicans go on about how it's the liberal's fault. Is that the only thing you Republicans are good at? Pointing the finger while acting like you're trying to better the country? Some people need to be euthanized.

To use behavior science and personality theory to explain and simplify the truth of this matter will be ignored by the republicans who blame the victim quite effectively. Here is the politics for dummies lesson: Republicans, or conservatives, have the type of personality with no empathy no concern for feelings or rights of others. A type of personality that thinks slavery is alright. Democrats or liberals, have empathy. Now slavery, whether it be based on race sex religion prohibiting access, or whatever; is bound to be contested by those with empathy... liberals or Democrats. So... those with no empathy, even sadism, need to assure their slavery, wars on this wars on that, will not be blocked again by those with empathy. The big trick of religion, their god, their secret friend they talk to and who ignores evil you, is their secret weapon. God says so. Science and facts are the devil.Mass psychosis blind faith brainwashing early indoctrination and prohibition creates these capitalist tool robots. If the republican conservatives did not have acute denied inferiority, they would not need to enslave other creatures, to make them feel superior. The earth is a sanctimonious sociopath's playground.

@ Runaway Slave: You are accurate except for the fact that ALL who vote republican conservative are without empathy or true social interest. Actually about one third are compassionate but are not smart enough to know they are being lied to by the politicians and their shills. They are hateful jealous and get manipulated, but they are not real sociopaths.

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