Primary Aug. 12 for sheriff's nod

Campaign signs are up and a battleground has been staged as two men in the running for the Republican ticket prepare to go against one another in next month’s primary election for Langlade County sheriff.

Sam Wurtinger of Antigo and Joseph Stegall of Bryant will both be vying for a victory in the Aug. 12 race with the winner moving on to the Nov. 4 election versus incumbent Bill Greening.

Running as the lone Democrat, Greening is seeking his third, four-year term as the county’s top law enforcement officer.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


We no longer have to wonder what the two republican candidates running for sheriff are all about. I am rather disappointed with what Joe Stegall had to say, or more so, didn't say. My take is that he has others telling him things are not right in the sheriff's department (either on the inside or outside)and community and that is the reason he decided to run.

"I am not a politician but I am a people person and I believe there has been a 'disconnect' between the sheriff's department and the community," he said.
Although not citing an specifics, he said there have been various expressed concerns which convinced him to seek the position.

In failing to cite specifics, he left me feeling that he is not a leader, but a follower. If he is going to run and expect to win, he needs to step forward, be upfront and say exactly what he feels is wrong and how he intends to correct it.
At this point in time he has no platform, appears to know nothing about the position he is running for as all he knows is the jail and "information central." He does not appear to have a thought or idea of his own. This opinion I have formed from the recent change in yard signs.
His original ones, although extremely hard to read, were at least a true representation of who he was. Now, after spending hundreds of dollars, he has revamped his "image" to be the exact likeness of his opponent. His pattern of behavior shows a lack of being fiscally responsible as he is going around the county replacing all the old signs, apparently caves to peer pressure (he didn't stick to who he was) and is yet, simple a follower as he or his camp must feel the opposition had a better idea.
Well Joe, you have lost this Langlade County persons vote. Try standing on your own two feet for once.

lol! Who are you trying to kid. If his change to revamp a yard sign so it could be read more clearly is going to lose your vote. Most people with any sense can see through your bull and realize you were never going to vote for the man in the first place. At least keep it real and not try to dramatize petty crap like that. You make yourself come off as a clown not to be taken seriously. Have a great day!

Hold on there Drama King/Queen. You seem to have taken personal offense to what I wrote, does that make you a family member or close personal friend? How about you step back a bit and maybe read everything I wrote. I took what Joe Stegall has said, there was no reason to turn out any bull as you put it.
To begin with, I cited his lack of plan or platform as my first reason for feeling he is not qualified. Maybe I should have quoted how he feels there is a "disconnect between the sheriff's department and the community".... but yet has "no problem with Bill." If he likes the current sheriff so much (or he is he just afraid to speak his mind and what he feels is wrong in the department that there will be repercussions), why does he want to take his job?
I used his lack of foresight and waste of money (either by donation or his own pocket) as my basis for citing his being a follower. He clearly was unable to come up with an original design and I doubt that is the only one he could have picked from. He claims he can be fiscally responsible, this is not a shining example of that. At no point did I degrade Joe Stegall by calling him any names, which seems to be your line of attack. As a taxpayer and voter of this county, I have every right to question his ability as sheriff. I waited for the newspaper article to come out before forming an opinion of him. This forum allows me to express how disappointed I was.
And just for the record, every day is a great day..... now how about you have one as well.

Very disappointing candidates with absolutely no qualifications. Pathetic. If either of these laughably stupid red necks are taken seriously, I will be very surprised. Sam W. seems to be moving backwards. D.A.R.E. ? Are there really that many dark ages serfs in Langlade County? Greening is a blessing compared to these clowns.

I think what the person was getting at with the yard sign is that it was a waste of money. For someone who promises to be fiscally responsible, that wasn't very well thought out, probably should have figured that a white background with yellow letters probably wouldn't show up very well. Oh well, sounds like he is taking donations so it probably wasn't his money he wasted anyway. (yard signs aren't cheap) Just like the tax payers money that he will be responsible for IF he would get Sheriff.

This does not seem real. More like some Mad Magazine spoof. The 2 challengers are not qualified to clean the jail floor let alone be sheriff. Lets be thankful for Greening. Do you want either of these ignorant morons for sheriff? You'd have to be brain damaged drunk. Oh , that reminds me, we can thank prohibition for a population of brain damaged worker soldiers.

First of all in reference to the DARE comment the County receives state and fed money for fighting Drug issues, all Counties do, you just don't realize it and also a lot of those Counties don't use it the way they are suppose to especially if they have budget short falls, they use it to help balance there budgets. In reference to Mr. Stegall not having a plan I would agree, if you plan on running for a such position you should already know why, what your plan would be to change it and how. In this City like many others across this great nation, the voters want to know before they cast there vote not after.

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