Doll maker Tamie Yarie alleged drug trafficker?

There seems to be some question as to whether or not Tamie Yarie of Antigo that has been charged with drug trafficking, is the same Tamie Yarie that makes life-like dolls.

The answer to that question is, yes, it is the same person. It is not clear if she was still active in the doll-making business, but, her website is still up and can be found here:

Photo from Tamie's website
Tamie Yarie mugshot

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I find it rather amusing how people continue to complain about how others should not be able to run loose wether it be someone convicted of drug charges or sex charges or whatever. If you really do want these people locked up somewhere, no matter where they would end up being, jail, institution, halfway house ankle bracelets, strict probation, you do realize it is the tax dollars that are paying for that. So which way do you want it?? The system is broken now and the government is being allowed to falsify convictions to keep the grant money coming, which is again tax dollars. Something needs to change and maybe the complainers would have a better idea than what isn't working now??

In a recent report, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the Federal government's National Institutes of Health (NIH), stated that marijuana "inhibited the survival of both estrogen receptor–positive and estrogen receptor–negative breast cancer cell lines." The same report showed marijuana slows or stops the growth of certain lung cancer cells and suggested that marijuana may provide "risk reduction and treatment of colorectal cancer."

Referring to the NCI report, Patient Rights attorney Matthew Pappas said, "The Federal government's continuing attack on people prescribed medical cannabis by their doctors is hypocritical considering the benefits reported by its own National Cancer Institute." Pappas represents patients in defending their right to reasonably obtain medical marijuana. The patients contend the Federal government and various municipalities are trying to prevent them from obtaining cannabis for medical purposes in direct contravention of state laws. "Cities that ban dispensaries are denying patients the ability to obtain a medicine the Federal government's National Institutes of Health says fights cancer and they're doing it with the Obama Administration's help." Recently, the City of Los Angeles repealed its ban of medical marijuana collectives after Bill Rosendahl, a member of its city council diagnosed with cancer and prescribed medical marijuana said to fellow council members about the ban, "You want to kill me? You want to throw me under the bus?"

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Jan., 2013 National Cancer Institute PDQ® report on cannabis:

July, 2009 NIH report on cannabis reducing neck and head squamous cell carcinoma:

Nov., 2012 NIH report on cannabis breast cancer treatment:

Cannabis and Cannabinoids (PDQ®) - National Cancer Institute
Expert-reviewed information summary about the use of Cannabis and cannabinoids in the treatment of cancer-related side effects, such as nausea and vomiting.

So what your saying is that she should not be punished, even though Cannabis is against the law? So what's next drunk driving is okay too. I'm pretty sure no one is jealous of a lady that is about to face quiet a few charges, is losing her house and owes almost 10,000 in taxes. Yes she was a talented doll maker, but there are plenty of those around too, other than her art, what would there be about her to be jealous off? Yes the first picture she is very pretty in, but definitely isn't the woman she is today. Makes me wonder who supplied the drugs and alcohol to her sons and his friends when the crashed and two young boys lost there life, and the other two will never be the same, so did she help these kids? I think not. And last of all they say Red Wine is very good for your health too, but that doesn't mean to get drunk all the time. Lets grow up and face it, she screwed up and with that put many teenagers in danger. We are to be parents, not to pal around with our teenagers and get high and drunk with them. If the law states its illegal, then it's illegal till the law is changed. Just like my post above about the Oregon woman that was feeding drugs to her children, she to claimed it was for there health benefit, she believed all of the things you are stating but considering I know her personally, I can tell you, she's paranoid, violent and very crazy. Her children grew up living in a school bus for most of there lives, they now refuse to ever speak to her again. Although she never really had a job, the money she inherited is gone, she has no one and nothing left in her life, all because she believed weed was good for her children. I can assure you I am far from jealous, if you seen me and knew how I live you would understand how I can say this. I know many of my friends like to relax by smoking a little pot, I do not find any wrong in this, but to be supplying it to teenagers, to have a house full of people getting high with a baby in the house and goodness knows what else is going on, these things are wrong, she's the adult, she needs to take responsibility for her actions, she's already had one person die on her couch, had two boys killed in a car accident and two other badly injured, I think that has taken her use of weed completely over board. So although you may say she's curing them off all these illnesses, what I see is she had killed and hurt far to many already.

I agree, Tamie Yarie is a wrinkled hag that always thought her sh*t didn't stink. I wonder what the drug giving witch is up to now that her fake world has crumbled to the pot ground she sleeps on? Any dim wit that provides illegal drugs to her children, other people's children is a menace to society. Social services should be ashamed of themselves for letting children back into her home to be exposed to her drugs all over again. What a shame our justice system is!

Folks.. rumors and lies - are the work of the Devil Himself. Newspapers often print incorrect information. Facts need to be presented, Tamie is strong enough to tell the truth. AND I am sure she will when the presents itself. When YOU have walked in her may get the "feel" for a life that has had to deal with extreme problems over the last few years. I do not smoke anything. BUT, I will say this.....legalizing pot would sure make a big difference for our country. Educating ourselves to be very helpful. Make it legal to grow, regulate it, tax it........take it out of the wrong hands. Just like alcohol and regular cigarettes. Some of us on Facebook have already agreed(y pm).. to NOT post or discuss "the situation" .....let this woman have some peace and let the next few months work themselves out. The doll world will always respect a talent like Tamie Yarie. Those looking for a witch hunt...will always find it...but the good thing is...simple...people who have real lives move on and hardly remember rumors/bad news/other people having a struggle in the life.......

Speak for yourself about the doll world having respect for this idiot. The addict was doing coke off the sink at IDEX and half of DEDS was laughing at what a fake and crook she was. Her and her ex-husband Doug pulled some great scams on us reborners, but all of us in the doll world should have respect for her? Would you mind if this druggy gave your children drugs behind your back? Would you like bath salts, heroin, pot etc given to them without your knowledge and then be left to deal with your children's drug addictions? You are a crazy old lady if you think any of us in this art should feel sorry for her. Her extreme problems have been cause by her irresponsible actions. Let her rot in hell and stop advocating for a drug trafficker.

Jealous of this woman so much to bash her publicly. Abuse by any other name is still abuse. A beneficial plant to heal the poison from the mob. God bless people who stand up to the REAL corrupt criminals. If we all did that ,instead of jealous bashing, the sadistic gangsters enforcing the war on health and freedom, wouldn't have a chance. I feel sorry for you for actually believing the propaganda about cannabis. Not only curative but more importantly preventative. Used since before written history by mothers and children with no nasty side effects. In case you did not know the facts, the pharmaceutical organized crime syndicate and their legal SSRI drugs given to everybody, are responsible for many many mass murders this last decade. Organic harmless cannabis, gift from God, could prevent this, BUT, it is illegal because the profits of sadistic sociopath gangsters with the money to buy politicians and laws, has forced it so. Being brainwashed into believing that cannabis is bad, I do feel sorry for you. I feel more sorry for you because you must have very low self esteem to abuse this woman on this site. You seem to be cheering, like you did when Lund and the others were abused: " Give us Barabas!"

All of you that are speaking of how she is a hero for offering drugs to teenagers sound paranoid and crazy to me. Your the reason why I'm commenting on this blog, because I find it horrible that anyone can say it was okay for her to offer not only her children but other children drugs. This is NOT OKAY, its not OKAY that 2 boys were killed and 2 badly injured because of drugs and alcohol that most likely were provided by her. It is NOT OKAY that she sits around her house with a bunch of under age children smoking weed with a little baby in the house. If drugs are so good for you, then why is it that she is losing so much, why is it that her husband left her, her house is in foreclosure and she owes so much in back taxes?

Nancy I believe the facts have already presented themselves, its not a rumor that she owes almost 10,000 in back taxes, that court documented. It's not a rumor that someone died on her couch, its not a rumor that two boys died in a car accident and two others were badly injured, these are all facts. And sorry I really can't feel sorry for someone that has put themselves in this situation. I don't care what has happened in her life, we all have crosses to bear, I've lost a child and have dealt with abuse, but that did not cause me to turn to drugs or to lose everything I ever had. As for the doll world, well I'm sure if she ever comes back there will be some who will still buy from her, but many will find themselves turning away from her work, because of the things she has done. Yes I am passing judgement, it would be different if it was just about herself, but having involved children completely disgusts me.

So go ahead those who want to defend your pot addiction, keep telling yourself how you are doing it for health benefits and as you do look around tell me what in your life you have accomplished, I'm betting not much. Instead of smoking your weed why not go out and take a walk and get yourself in shape, guess what there are much more health benefits to working out and eating right than there is to smoking weed.

And last I must add how pathetic I found the website posted above momsformarijuana, really you have a page about child protective services coming and taking your kids away, sorry but if something even has a remote chance of taking my children away from me, I would definitely not be involved with it, that's just pure selfishness.

First off using, doing, selling bath salts is just plain stupid. Using it with minors well I won't go there.

My issue is with your statement :

So go ahead those who want to defend your pot addiction, keep telling yourself how you are doing it for health benefits and as you do look around tell me what in your life you have accomplished, I'm betting not much. Instead of smoking your weed why not go out and take a walk and get yourself in shape, guess what there are much more health benefits to working out and eating right than there is to smoking weed.

Lumping everyone who has ever smoked Cannabis together is just as stupid as lumping everyone who has ever had a beer together. Not all people handle things the same way. You stated to list my accomplishments. I assume because you can't possibly believe a person could maintain a high level of intelligence and use the devil weed. Smh! I won't break down my entire life for you. However I own my own business. Own my own home. Take not 1 dime from the government. Just got done walking 4 miles and just smoked a fat joint. Don't worry though I'm helping pay for all you judgemental peoples food stamps!

Trust me my friend I have never had or used food stamps in my life. I've worked since I was 15 supporting myself. I grew up in a family that had nothing and now have more than most will ever imagine. Yes I will lump most of you together, because I can't believe how you will brag about doing something illegal. Again it is a drug that if you have children can get your children taken away from you, how can anyone justify continuing to do something that risks losing there children????? I also find it funny how you will put down us that do see wrong and call us judgmental yet, is that not exactly what you just did too. You passed judgment on me. I can tell from experience the people that I have worked with in the past that were always getting high live in homes that I would never even stay at, they drive cars that are always breaking down and there children are usually always in trouble. That's not passing judgment that telling facts of those I have seen around me. And its a good thing you work for yourself, since many respected employers are drug testing now a days.

Tsk tsk tsk assuming never gets anyone anywhere in life. If you'd like I can leave you the info desk number to the Denver Police Department so you can report me for smoking Cannabis. They will most likely tell you to get a grip on life that it is very legal here! Good luck with your police state in Wisconsin though.

Her drugs are far too important to let such a things as responsibility and innocent lives get in the way.

Think about this. It was legal to own another human, not too long ago , here in the USA. The atrocities were something some people attempted to stop. Since there was no shortage of people who thought sadism and cruelty were alright, war occurred. This cannabis debate is similar. There is no shortage of people who believe the war atrocities and crimes against humanity are okay. So, they fight a war. The most unbelievable aspect is that these supporters of the cruel war actually believe that this sacred wonderful plant is as bad as colored people or Jews or women for that matter. Not long ago, women were property too. Back during slavery, even some blacks agreed that they should not have the rights of humans. That is how the cannabis,Doll Maker ,and Lund debacle bashers sound. Sadly, our courts and law enforcement are in the pocket of corrupt sadistic war mongers. They have populated our planet with so many cattle brain damaged by alcohol ,tobacco , poisonous food like products , pills, television and news; that they don't even know cannabis is really so wonderful. They believe the propaganda of the sadistic war mongers. How do we reach these pathetic folks, or are their IQ s just too low to believe anything not told them by the TV?

Something about this case is fishy. She was charged with a felony count of "maintaining a place of drug trafficking" but only charged with simple "possession of thc". If she were actually caught selling or they had evidence she was selling then she would have been charged with "possession with intent to deliver" which is a felony. My guess is someone ratted her out as being a user to save their own butt and the cops got a search warrant and found a small amount of pot. They then threw in the bogus felony charge to be used as leverage to get her to plea. The child neglect charge is very likely bogus too. This how our legal system works, it's everyday business to charge people with crimes they have no evidence for to gain leverage. Good people get their name drug through the mud for crimes they didn't actually do. What a sad joke.. For reference I don't know her and never heard of her before.

Highly doubt the child neglect is bogus if she was on a 4 day drug binge that included her 18yr old son, 16 yr old daughter, a younger daughter and her 1 yr old grand child and about 20 other kids that weren't her own.... innocent people are not usually just randomly "drug busted" either hanging with the wrong crowd or they ARE doing the drugs. just saying. I bought the police report for $5, she was involved with bigger stuff than this.

I bought the police report too it was an interesting read. Bogus charges- NO Tamie Yarie is big trash plain and simple and the years of drug abuse have made her skin look like the skin on an elephants a**, she should be ashamed of herself giving all those kids narcotic drugs and the like.

PJ I want to share this with you. One of my friends bros was charged with THC about 8 mos ago. Since then he has successfully complete drug rehab and is working to turn his life around for the better and we are all very proud of him. His drug problems all started because he hung with the wrong crowds, they started doing pot and then progressed into using bigger drugs like heroin, cocaine and as of recently bath salts. Pot may not be "bad" but it is called a gateway drug for a reason, it makes it feel safe to go on & try to justify that doing other narcotics are ok too. One thing that was hard for him in the beginning with stopping the drug use was to distance himself from the people who did it and supplied it to him because he saw them as his friends and that's hard. He finally realized that they were not really his friends and after he figured out that his supplier of marijuana and bathsalts who was also his on again off again fling girlfriend Anna turned him in. There's no loyalty where drugs are concerned and when she got arrested for drugs, to save her own butt she was handing out lists of names to the cops to get off of her charges. Must have worked pretty good to because she isn't in jail even and is still making drug hauls back and forth from Chicago back up to Antigo with a guy named Snoop. I wouldn't guess that the charges from looking at them would be bogus against Tamie Yarie because her adult son Dillon and daughter frequented Anna's drug parties a lot with Tamie and would party at Tamies home also. It seems obvious what the connection really was between them and I would be hard pressed to believe otherwise when both of Tamies children have gotten it for selling drugs at school in the past. It is a shame when an adult like Tamie Yarie goes off the deep end and still has minor children at home. It's one thing to use drugs yourself because that affects you alone but everyone past that point there's no excuse, even if pot is a healing plant it is still illegal and bath salts are far more dangerous than people realize right now. My friends bros told me his ex Anna was so high on them one night that she cut the head off of a ferret and then sat on her couch cuddling it. That is insanity!

You are absolutely correct that this is how our legal system works. It is every day business to charge people with crimes they have no evidence of to get them to plea. That is how they get a plea deal on almost all of their cases and drop a lot of the other charges in the case. People complain about others getting off easy and it is actually the other way around, the system screwed them into a conviction. The charges are so harsh and carry rediculous punishment if convicted the defendant has no choice but to plea instead of pay for a trial and take that risk. Remember its people like those on here that are on the jury and many on here have convicted them as soon as they make the paper. Our legal system needs a renovation as much as anything in this town. Its hard enough to find good people to make tough decisions for this town and we have the Police and D.A ruining some innocent lives

The issue here is not whether one thinks pot should be legal or not. The issue is she was letting other people's children smoke pot in her house. A four day bathsalt binge was also allowed in her house, how discusting!

What a waste of such talent, to throw it all away for what a moment of being high. Was it worth it?

Marci what talent are you talking about those pot babies? If you think about it Tamie Yarie binging with almost 20 kids doesn't happen in a moment, in that moment she just was unlucky enough to get caught. She's a seasoned drug dealer that didn't care to even care about her own 3 kids or grand daughter. Not really a talent at all.

what talent? I looked this druggie's talents up online. What I saw was a lot of ugly pug nosed dog-like looking dolls and her ugly mug in lots of mug shots. If you call that talent, well you have no class like her.

I went to look them up to see what people were talking about too. Holy man Yarie had to be eating salts to make those. Ugly buggers!

Go sit in on the next court date for Tamie Yarie. It is August 23, 2013 at 1:30pm at the Langlade County Courthouse Room 301

Those dolls are amazing. Never saw anything like them. What a talented beautiful teacher, this woman. If you listen to all the drunk obese losers who are so jealous hating on her, you will believe she should be crucified publicly.

They look like dead babies at a funeral. Sad :( This woman will go down in Antigo teacher history. I don't mean the paid toads who do as their told ,at best. We should be blessed with more moms this wise talented and brave.

SOOOOOOOO since all you fake people hide behind your computers why don't you people post your name like I did? Making up your lies about people that you know NOTHING about!!! You must have nothing better to do huh? all these things said are so untrue its pathetic..first of all the guy that passed away in our home had blood clots that caused him a heart attack and many people were very heartbroken about that incident. Also the second person that supposedly passed away in my house over herion overdose is so ridiculous I'm laughing my a@@ off! So very untrue! My mom sure the F***k hasn't given us drugs to kill us. Our family is so unconditionally loving its unbelievable. We have been through hell and still stick by each others side, I'm sorry your to busy on here that you cant take care of your own family. I would appreciate it if you found something called I have a darling little sister with a big heart that has facebook and could look this up anytime.I would also like to mention that my daughter is cared for in every aspect of her life and is also so amazingly loved. Either way don't believe me but my family and myself and the people that matter in my life know the truth. My mom too I can't even explain how amazing she is. I would never even think about asking for a different mom. Life is so short why don't you guys get off here and stop lying to yourselves and everyone else that doesn't know the truth and go spend some time with your family. So keep your false info off here and out off your BIG mouths so everyone can move on with there lives. By the way when your children come home crying because of harassment and lies why don't you look back in at these comments and tell them that you did the same thing to other poeple. THIS IS HARASSMENT!!!!!

THIS is so untrue

This girl is so Beautiful inside and out and she is such an amazing mom! They are clearly jealous and have nothing better to do. Tamie keep up the great work!!!

Haters gonna hate, F off biggots

I'm sad for so many reasons about Tamie's "issues". Drugs have ruined and claimed so many people with great talent, too many to list . Her true talent on sculpting is lost do to such poor decisions and choices. I hope for anyone who is struggling with addictions and or dealing and supplying to people with addictions will seek help and break the terrible grip that controlled substances and illegal drugs have on them. It is heartbreaking to see the path it has taken so many gifted people down. Nasty judgements and hurtful comments won't and never help, but prayer and intervention by those closest to the person in need is the answer. Signing off with hope~

She left a mess in her wake, unfortunately true. Lives have been ruined, maybe forever. Her life for sure. I know her, only after this incident. I do not condone what she did in the least, but she is trying to get her life back to order. Everyone pays for their crimes, if not from the community, then to God and their own inward self. Do people still condemn others for trying to right and upside-down situation? Probably, but keep in mind, this could happen to ANYONE once under the influence of this damnable drug. I think under the direction of the right people, she could do well once again. Her business was soaring once, maybe it will again and I hope it does. There's so many comments about how bad she is and was, I think it's time to try, anyway, to find the goodness that was once in her and maybe bring that out again. It's in her, I know it, but it's hidden now under a vail of uncertainty and moral condemnation. She's trying from what I can see, and in talking to her, I believe she's on the right track. New friends now and don't look back at all. Good luck to her son, her family and her.

The sad truth is addiction is vicious. My son is trying to recover. A year plus. The problem is addiction can take over the recovering addict even YEARS down the road. Like Phillip Seymour Hoffman. ..27 years recovered I understood. The addict is a VERY VERY skilled MASTER manipulator. They are masters at lying as well. Yes...they can try to do better and some do. They have learned to be very SELF serving from their addiction. They EVEN sober are at the heart of everything they do. Everything is still for them. They are VERY likable and seemingly caring for others but look with eyes wide open and see how it serves them. They often fool people that they unconditionally care and do things...but, KEEP eyes WIDE open. You will see through time.. It is me, me, I, me. BE CAREFUL with your trust!

You are so right Dee!

Having 2 doctors in our family I do not believe a drug addicted person. This people lie and steal just to get their fit.
Cannabis do not cure cancer, they make it easier to go through chemotherapy, that is a big difference.
People may start with Cannabis but as time goes on, they want a stronger drug. So you can say they are the the stepping stone to become a drug addict.

Tammie Yarie is a *Narcissist* who has no love for anybody, not even her children.


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