Langlade County criminal court activity 07.16.2014

Langlade County criminal court activity 07.16.2014.

Jeffrey L. Jeter of Lincoln Street, 19, was sentenced to 120 days jail and two years probation for burglary, felony bail jumping, resisting or obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct. Charges of substantial battery and felony bail jumping were dismissed.

Aaron C. Miller of Bowler, 26, was sentenced to two years probation for multiple bail jumping charges.

Jason G. James of Eau Claire, 36, received a two year deferred judgment for manufacturing or delivering heroin.


Deferred judgement for manufacturing or deliverying HEROIN? It's bad enough marijuana crimes get next to nothing. No wonder Antigo has a drug problem!

I agree! Justice is truly blind...

It's a business in this town. Just like the bail jumping revenue. : (

snitches.and no one should get in trouble for marijuana in my opinion it's used as f*cking meds and helps alot of people with alot of different look at the people caught with bathsalt THEY get next to nothing and that's bad enough.

I totally agree! 100%

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