Langlade County criminal court activity 06.16.2014

Langlade County criminal court activity for 06.16.2014

Mark A. Blahnik of Clintonville, 44, received a bond reduction from $350 cash to a $500 signature bond for charges of possession of marijuana and operating while revoked. His next court appearance is set for September 15.

New charges filed today:

Teresa M. Condit of Ninth Avenue, 25, is charged with felony bail jumping, retail theft, possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor bail jumping.

Matthew Sanford of Fourth Avenue, 25, is charged with resisting or obstructing an officer as a repeater. He is scheduled for a status conference on July 28.

Derek J. Sparby of Sixth Avenue, 23, is charged with theft and resisting or obstructing an officer, both as a repeater. A status conference is set for June 23.

Peter J. Spencer of Sixth Avenue, 28, is charged with two counts of misdemeanor bail jumping, both as a repeater. As status conference is scheduled for July 7.

Sherry L. Thiel of Elcho, 31, is charged with disorderly conduct domestic abuse as a repeater. Her next court date is set for July 28.

Louis J. Murray of Virginia Street, 54, is charged with theft and resisting or obstructing an officer.

Timothy L. Teetzen of Shawano, 46, is charged with operating while intoxicated third offense and operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration third offense. The offenses occurred on May 17. An initial appearance is set for June 17.

Michael E. Frysinger Jr. of Watson Street, 36, is charged with operating while intoxicated second offense.


I expected to see a lot of drug charges on here today from all the cops and drug dogs pulling people over all weekend. Didn't they find anyone with drugs?

There not smart enough. They need there narks in this town to pickup there revenue. Maybe if people were held accountable for there actions in this town we wouldn't have the drug epidemic that we have here ?

3 out of 54 that were stopped. In Amerika the peasants worship the revenue generators. O' the land of the .... It's called conditioning in the ever encroaching police state.

Just like Antigo, to try to hide special peoples names when they get into trouble. Last weekend we heard a domestic fight on between 9th and 10th Ave and we notice his name isn't even in the papers... not listed on the court system.. what's with that????

"Last weekend we heard a domestic fight on between 9th and 10th ave" You heard the fight yourself or you heard of the fight? You saw the police arrest the male? What makes this person "special" in your opinion? People can yell without going to jail in free countries or is there more you aren't saying? In fact the entire post is vague. If it really occurred and you witnessed the incident yourself. Why are you afraid to just say who it was?

I have been to the Monday court session and then read the article on buzz later on that night. They only list a fraction of the cases heard. Otherwise the blog would go on for a long time. As for the domestic disturbance that was heard the statistics of unreported let alone causing an arrest are pretty low. Just curious if you reported it or because you didn't want to get involved you hoped someone else would.

It was reported... even WACD Radio reported the incident on their local news. The foster child was the victim. The guys son called the cops for safety of his mother and it wasn't his mother who was in was their foster child. BUT ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED BECAUSE THE FOSTER CHILD DIDNT WANT TO DEAL WITH ALL THE ISSUES.

Well maybe it just hasn't made it to the court records yet. It took thirty days for the domestic I was involved in to be charged. Cops need time to file the complaint. And I also know the charges can't just be dropped. I tried that and was told it isn't that simple. If charges were dropped it would be because of lack of substantial cause.

I found out all charges were dropped. The foster child didn't want him to be charged, because of his spouse working for the school district of Antigo. She just didn't want her to suffer for his stupidity. Good thing he has a clear record..

Unless the State has changed how it operates. The "victim" doesn't have a choice whether or not anyone is prosecuted in a domestic violence case. Once it is reported the State will prosecute if their was an incident.

That is true. I reported a domestic incident the tried to rescind and was told I couldn't. Like you said once it is reported it cannot be "just dropped". If charges were dropped then it had to be for lack of evidence or something else. Again it may still be being investigated and charges haven't come out yet. It took 37 days for charges to actually be filed in my situation.

Do you realize how many times Sherry Thiel has been arrested in the last couple of years. Watch Uttke let her out again. Some day she is gonna kill some one and he will be responsible.She needs a couple years in prison so this town can have some peace.

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