Pastor Fredrick Edward Fleming

Pastor Fredrick Edward Fleming is not only the pastor at the Reformation Presbyterian Tea House in Antigo, but is also accused of the 1st Degree Sexual Assault of a Child Under the Age of 12. The femal child is not only a member of his congregation but a member of his own family. Fleming has had an active warrant for his arrest since Valentine's Day 2013, but has yet to be brought into custody. His wife provides police with lies and a cover story about his whereabouts on a daily basis.;jsessionid=8CD6DD89022228A0FECA7...


`Thou shall not lie,hypocrites

So who's lying?

This is somewhat confusing, if you look at that court record, it shows there is an Open Bench Warrant, but, if you look in the court record events, it says the warrant was canceled on March 7...

The bench warrant was cancelled because they changed it to a Body Only Warrant. It's listed as the "Warrant of the Week" in the Antigo Daily Journal on Thursday last week.

This "mans" wife continues to lie to authorities about his whereabouts, and the children from his first wife have followed suit by stating that he is in California. I am pretty sure that he can't be in California and driving in Antigo at the same time.

The bench warrant for this pedophile pastor is still active. Obviously some people need to learn how to read circuit court pages. NOTHING HAS BEEN CANCELLED OR CHANGED.

While this pastor has an open warrant for sexual assault of a child, he is also still considered an upstanding member of the religious community. According to church elders "he is absolutely innocent of all charges because noone in our church community would committ such a crime. Becuase of our faith in his innocence, he will continue to minister to our congregations and youth members." (Elder Brown)

What?? Upstanding member of the religious community?? Wow, how dillusional can these people be?

You shouldn't be so harsh about people needing to learn how to read court records, it is confusing, one page says there is a warrant the other says this:

Warrant/Capias/Commitment canceled

Event Party

Fleming, Edward L.

Additional Text:

(issued on 2-14-13)

Warrent is still active if u call police station this guy is a real sicko

This guy gives me the creeps, and now I know why. I hope they get him, and I think his wife should go to jail too. How can she protect him knowing what he did. If my husband, or boyfriend did something like this, I would definitely contact the police, she's just as sick as he is. It's like she's saying it's o.k, and it is not!! Sick, sick people!!

I looked this guy up and he has established residences out of state and clase family ties to other states. Why was he released on bond in the first place? Based on his out-of-state connections and the charges, he is a major flight risk! The District Attorney and Judge really screwed the pooch on this one! Shame on them for allowing anyone accused of a child sex crime out on bond!

If this guy has previously lived out of state, has family out of state and a church that is willing to protect him, then why haven't the local police brought in a federal agency to track him down and bring him back? The United States Marshals Service has an office in Wisconsin. Has anyone thought about bringing in their resources and expertise to catch this creep??? I hope that the mother in this situation keeps pestering the police and DA's office about catching him. I think that is the only way anything is going to get done!

If he just vanishes and never abuses another child, never costs the tax payers another cent... Ashes to ashes dust to dust.

It doesn't happen that way. I myself was molested when I was ten and the guy who did it to me only had to serve 3 years, and got out on good behavior. You know what he did. He did it again to his stepdaughter and because of what he did to her she killed herself. More than likely he will do it again, they are all sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please don't call this individual a pastor. There is no proof that he was ever ordained and his congregation is a joke. Hopefully he will be brought to justice in the eyes of man and if the charges are true, he'll wish he'd never claimed to know God.

In order for a case like this to be prosecuted and the da to take the case u have to have so much evidence and ur child had to go thru humiliation of indepth test to collect evidence and much much more u can not simply say hey so and so did such and Such and have it explode so I feel forthis child and her family as it does not stop with the abuse ending there are many me.tal and emotional problems that can stim from such abuse ans its not over just cause of court precedings or what have u as a mother of a child who was abused it angers me to see people say child should lose her mom as well when every thing she knows has been shook up in het brain and can be very very hard on children the mom removed child far from adult as soon as child reports abuse they have gone thru hell to get this far in the case and even as a victim these people will continue to b torchered with freds after math for years I am sure that this mom is pushing the issue y file if u aren't going to this mom has been doing everything thus far that she should in our eyes u have no reason to doubt a child

Instead of chasing tales why don't we all as a communityfibd away to help them?

there is a fundraising website called
maybe a friend of the family could start there

The mother does not want her childs story all over the place and most of us know little details other than what was in paper the mom herself said they aren't wanting info leaked

There is a fund raiser for this child called not her fault on please come donate and help her out

Are you aware the mother has made multiple other sexual allegations in the past all proven false ?

I know Fred Fleming aka Edward Fleming and he is a lot of things and I disagree with him on a lot of things BUT with that said the mother of the "victim" has accused at least 3 other family members or close family friends of doing things to her that they were proven not guilty of so as far as I'm concerned I believe Fred is innocent based on history of previous accusations. I have an insider view of the family though am not a family member. Because of how well I know the family I can not speak free my thoughts and opinions on here but suffice it to say the victims mother needs a lot of mental help.

Please look at all the details before you go calling this man a sicko and a pedophile and whatnot. I know the mother of the child personally and she's made such allegations about every man i've ever known her to associate with, having sexually abused either herself or her children. I'm not saying he's innocent, because I think he had a similar charge in another state, but don't take anyone's word on this until there's proper evidence.

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