People Allegedly Paid N6m To See Patience Jonathan – Mrs Buhari

Hajia Buhari warned extortionists who delight in fixing appointments for the President or First Lady, saying they will not halace under the Buhari administration. If you wanted to see the First Lady, you will pay $30,000 or $50,000 and if you are seeing the President, you will pay all that you have gathered in your lifetime.

She spoke during an appreciation dinner for women and youths she hosted at the Banquet Hall, Presidential Villa Saturday night.

According to Anyene, contrary to what was being alleged, the President rather enlightened the gathering about his administration’s plans and policies to move the country forward.

In a message sent on his behalf by the Senior Special Assistant of Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, President Buhari implored Muslims to seek the most blessings from the month "by being helpful to all manner of people, learning and following the true message of the religion as taught by the Holy Prophet".

"The PDP spokesman noted that the attitude of the group was a direct consequence of the approach adopted by the APC in denigrating and insulting ex- President Goodluck Jonathan".

"Since assuming office about three weeks ago, President Buhari has visited Chad, Niger, Germany and South Africa, winning support and friends for Nigeria all over again and returning the country to the comity of respected nations".

Mrs Buhari further urged would-be appointees to remember that it took her husband 12 years to accomplish the feat hence they should get their priorities right. That process, which was adjudged as the fairest and most credible in the history of elections in Nigeria, was midwifed by the dogged and sustained determination of the Nigerian people, and their desire to deepen our democracy.

"This will not happen in our regime". Whoever asks you to give a single penny in the name of coming to see the President or his wife is not our staff. He is not an APC member, it is a lie.

Describing Buhari as the pillar of her success despite the generation gap between them, she said it was the President who encouraged her to go to school. I appeared only this time and I think it made a lot of difference. He had never kept me under a purdah even for a moment since I got married to him.

"I believe that is incumbent upon us as leaders to always place the interest of our countries above narrow and personal interests".

"It is not only an embarrassment to us as leaders, but dehumanises our persons". "My husband is a gender-sensitive human being, having so many girls as his own biological children and then having me as a wife, then you can see the generation gap".

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