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I thought langlade county picked Darwin up on elm street n he got a 150,000 cash bond?? Cuz if that's true then y now all a sudden does the piece of sh-t have his picture posted as warrant of the week right now?? Cuz there's no way that loser had that much damn money and if someone bailed him out well then they deserve to be locked up right with his pathetic loser -ss!!! N the more even horrible thing about him only sitting 3 years for molesting a child is complete utter bull crap he should have gotten 25 to life right then and there no questions asked!!! Especially seems how a guy that was in jail got caught with a joint hidden in his arm cast where his arm was broke n mind u the joint was already majority of the way gone n he put the little bit that was left up in his cast n went to jail n got caught with it and that dude was sentenced to 3 freaking years just for that pitly bull crap and this child molester repeat child molester gets 3 damn years. Now that's messed up!!!

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