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I agree that the term "kingpin" is a total joke in this case, but I disagree that Uttke has never seen one. He worked in Racine, and I'm sure he's seen a few. Believe me, if he saw a "kingpin" in Langlade County, he'd probably sh-t himself. They screwed up on another case here where almost 5 pounds of marijuana was delivered to a home. No one opened the sh-t but all were charged, with one person's charges later being dropped. (NOTICE THERE ARE NO BIG HEADLINES ABOUT THIS) Now, because none of those arrested know anything about the drugs and can't narc about them, he's holding one of them on TEN THOUSAND DOLLARs. Poor guy has been sitting about 3 months without a bail reduction of any sort while METH dealers caught with the stuff on their person get out on lesser bonds. This whole county is a joke and Uttke's the head clown

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