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I am Michael Mayville's mother. My husband and I agree with your comment. When he was 5, he was sexually molested by my brother. He went on to molest other children,including his two young sisters. We contacted the Everett Police Department, and CPS.They obtained a confession without a lawyer.Their solution to the problem was to remove our daughters from the home, instead of him.We felt like the state punished us for what he had done.He has an extensive juvenile record from age 7.We had him in counseling, but he kept running away. Our family went through hell with him.He was finally placed in a boy's home, in the San Juan Islands. They said it was escape proof, but he managed to escape.The state placed him back into our home at age 17, but my husband made him leave, because he brought illegal drugs into our house.He was also wanted by Washington State, but Wisconsin did not want him to be extradated. He had previously served prison time for raping his teen daughter's mom.This same daughter is one of his victims. I am concerned that his two youngest daughters have also been sexually assaulted by him.He should never been allowed to get out of prison.I am sorry for what he has done to all his victims.He will probably spend the rest of his natural life in prison, where he should be.

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