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Unless you have been a victim or a parent of a child who was a victim. Keep your negative comments about cruel punishment to yourself. You clearly don't see anything wrong with people who do this to children. I am a parent of a child who was a victim and our wonderful ANTIGO D.A. let the SOB go free and clear. My child is forever scared and it has effected her for the rest of her life. So don't sit there and say that stiffer punishments are uncalled for. However, castration is statistically proven to be ineffective. It is in the brain of cruel nature to torture someone not genetics or hormones. Please do your research on it prior to making assumptions.
Until you are there with a child who wakes up every night in fear because of nightmares due to what has happened to them, do not try to understand what you have not experienced. Personally Wisconsin needs to bring back the death penalty. People like that do not change or recover. It isn't an illness that can be recovered from.
I am astonished and appalled that anyone would ever defend a child molester

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