Judge Mark Mangerson sentences Gleason man in unusual jail hall court

Visiting Reserve Judge Mark Mangerson and accompanying courtroom personnel left the local bench for a rare field trip Tuesday. Destination was the adjacent Langlade County Jail to sentence a defiant defendant who refused to leave his cell.

Roger Stein of Gleason was initially scheduled to learn his fate on Monday but a verbal, obscenity-laced tirade before then-sitting Reserve Judge Fred Kawalski quickly sparked Stein’s removal from the courtroom. The case was adjourned and a return trip planned but the act never occurred.

“We’ll take the mountain to Mohammed,” Judge Mangerson said following news that Stein, awaiting sentencing on a conviction for being a felon in possession of a firearm, would not leave his cell and an extraction and subsequent move from a secure to a non-secure location such as the courtroom could be both difficult and problematic.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


sounds like him refusing to leave his cell probably got him more time.

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