Speakers At School Board Meeting Don't Like Idea Of Virtual Learning

Four teachers and a business owner in Antigo spoke up at last night's Antigo School Board Committee of the Whole meeting, regarding the school's proposal to contract business education classes to North Central Technical College. The discussion came up following the announcement of the retirement of a business ed teacher at the end of the year.

The teachers pointed out that the students would struggle with staying on task in an online class, and that being taught through a computer screen is not the same as having a real life teacher in the room, willing to help the student with problems he may have. They also read letters from students, saying that if the class was online, they likely wouldn't enroll in them.

Antigo High School Principal Tom Zamzow said other schools including Medford and Merrill are planning on using these types of services as well, and partnering with them to make a consortium would reduce costs. It is estimated that it would cost 40-60K to enter into an agreement with NTC, and 50-60K to hire a new teacher with benefits.

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thank you Mr. Zamzow for giving these new changes a chance. Online education is an affordable and effective alternative to classroom learning that I am more than happy to speak from personal experience about. As we all know not all people learn in the same way and in some cases online schooling can be a distraction free improvement upon the usual one teacher-thirty students in a classroom conundrum. I encourage everyone to give this a chance and see it for the opportunity at advancement that it truly can be.

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