Curtain goes up Thursday on play

The curtain will rise on Antigo Community Theatre’s spring play, “Ten Feet From the Source of the Heat,” Thursday.

The lighthearted murder mystery written by local author Bridget Strasser and under the direction of veteran ACT member Darlaen Jansen debuts at 7:30 p.m. at Antigo High School’s Volm Theater It will repeat Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and close Sunday with a 2 p.m. matinee performance.

The play takes place in the upper Midwest during the notorious 1930s. Tissue paper heiress Ann Lane is determined, in spite of her family’s wealth, to venture out on her own. When Ann rents a home from a friendly widow, Estelle Dooley, she meets a variety of neighbors, including Onri Devilani, an opportunist and person of questionable ethics; and newly-immigrated Swedes Lars and Sven Olson, a dutiful father and bashful son.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


Once you cast the production with such charismatic sex symbols that stun you with their master acting skills, how can any of the average people feel adequate being on stage with them?

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