Rhode wins Judge in Langlade County

According to news reports, John Rhode has won for Langlade County Circuit Court Judge.

The votes were:

3,966 for John Rhode
1,235 for Ralph Uttke

Bill Brandt won the Mayor election.

1,242 for Bill Brandt
411 for Roger Bricko


so glad that Uttke did not get judge!

My faith is renewed in the system. Thank you City of Antigo and Langlade County for getting out and voting.
It was very scary to think what this County would be like with Ralph Uttke as its judge.

* Uttke is a lying puke of a DA, plain and simple. I have dealt with him a few times and also watched him in court many times. He honestly needs a mental exam because of how he acts and his antics , " FITS" he has when he does get his way,,, does not at all look professional or smart. He has also done one of my family members wrong which is something I am not forgetting period :( And if you have never dealt with this poor excuse of a human being , you would never understand him as a person and as a DA. He really needs to go back to California where he came from, Because he would actually fit in with many groups in his home State. Basically you have a lying useless piece of crap DA that has damaged many peoples lives that he had no clue about and did not care about. But you would fit into his clique if you had a name, money and a bag of marijuana to share with him. Sorry to be so blunt, but he has done things as a person that he will NEVER be forgiven for. There is no forgiveness with me or so many others that personally was affected by his lies and favoritism period.

Totally understand Uttke being a puke,,, His buddy *Warden Tim Otto*
is also a lying and deceiving puke no one can stand for the crap he has done to people. Two peas in a pod there. They should be married,,, maybe they are

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